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7 weeks pegnant & addicted to Codeine
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7 weeks pegnant & addicted to Codeine

Does anyone have any advice or information that can help me???
I am looking into rehab to the tune of $47,000.00 for 1 month of treatment....& then what??
I need support, prayers, resources & some peers who know I'm not evil just because I've fallen victin to our over-prescribing medical community. I have 2 herniated disks in my neck which is what started this in the first place. I am asking for your sincere help.....
I have managed to taper my dose in half since learning of my pregnancy 2 weeks ago-having some withdrawal symptoms--sweats, headache, insomnia, gastrointestinal challenges, etc.
I must do the right thing for my baby and get off this train as soon as possible!
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Hello and Welcome!

Tapering your dose is certainly a good move. It is not advisable to go cold turkey when you are pregnant. BTW..stop beating yourself up. You are not evil.

So, how much are you taking? What are you taking exactly? How many do you have left? I assume you have no insurance? Worry about the "then what" after you get clean.

Hope to her from you with some more info. Many ppl here can help you with a taper schedule.
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Thank you for your reply. I have insurance but I'm Canadian & my coverage doesn't cover tx. Thankfully, I have great financial resources to help with the cost burden- I am earning a fantastic living now teaching Dentists surgical methods.
I just think that 1 month is great but relapse is such a risk. I have been addicted to various substances over the past 10 years from prescribed daily MSSR (sustained release morphine) to percocet to Tylenol 3s. My drug of choice now is a non prescription tylenol/codeine/methocarbamol mixture (Robaxacet 8) it is available in Canada if u ask at the pharmacy without a RX....lucky us.
I am what you could call a "Highly functioning" addict- nobody in my life has any idea, I just told my fiancee last week that I'm "back at it" after having our daughter late last year & using intermittently throughout that pregnancy (Thus my guilt & shame this time around) God willing, she is perfectly healthy (so far) but I don't want to continue & play that same russian roulette game with a 2nd pregnancy.
At worst recently, I was taking 8 or 10 tabs (8mg codeine each) during the day, then another 9-18 at night-same codeine concentration.
I am currently taking maybe 6-12 a day with LOTS of withdrawal symptoms.
I appreciate your time and concern. Perhaps my new information will help some of you to help me??
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i am glad i don't live in are all good people that get addicted..i am a little over 30 days clean, i have a plan, and hope it works to stay off.
i am not sure how much that is in comparsion to my
DOC was hydro's, i was up to 15 sometimes a little more 10mgs , then weaned to 5 and went c/t then..
I am very lucky to not have been an addict when i was making babies..I really feel bad for the ones that are pregnant..I quit drinking and smoking for pregnacies no problem and always loved being prenant...But with that came no w/d's ...So this has to be hard.
i do know that w/d's are worst on a baby then taking a fair amount...I had a client of mine that was about 4 months preg and she was walking out of the bank and tripped and busted her knee cap..they had to put her on pain meds, then had no choice but to have surgery...I could not belive it..She ws terrified..Now he is 2 yrs old and a handfull...
Have you talk to your doc about any of this???
sometimes being honest is the best thing.
good luck
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Thanks for your story, yes, UR lucky u can't get opiates at 7-11 where u live!
I will be praying for your continued success & recovery. I have a Dr's apt tomorrow. Time to fess up! Honesty was def. the best thing for my relationship.....hardest AND best.
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I have never heard of one person who came on here for telling the truth and wanting help get someone to turn their back on them..That is the best thing to do for you , hubby, and baby.
I am 39, mother of 4 , wife, and a good person..i am an addict..And that is it...
if i lived in canada i seriously think i would have to move...I can't imagine that..
Keep us posted..
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So glad you wrote back. I didn't realize you were in Canada. Great for the addict..bad for those who wish to stop.

Let's start with ten a day:

Day 1: Ten
Day 2: Ten
Day 3: 8
Day 4: 8
Day 5: 6
Day 6: 6
Day 7: 5
Day 8:5

And so on. You get the idea? Especially with the pregnancy..taper every two days until you down to a half..then off.

Did you wonder if your information helps me? Hun, I gotta tell you..EVERYONE helps me. The person who is using..the person who has an hour clean..the person who has 67 days clean..and my sponsor..who has 18 years clean. The day I stop the day I start using. It is that simple for me. Helping you helps me.

I hope I did help. Any other questions, or if you just need to vent..pls do. That is what we are here for.

You stick to it. You can make it.

Big ol hug at ya.........
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I'm not sure if you know this or not but codine is actually totally safe for your baby.  I'm sure you're aware of the different classes of medication like vicodine, norco, and anything else that has codine.  These are all in the class that is safe for pregnant women to take.

Hope that helps
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If you're looking to stop for good without going through horrible w/d's then you could try a newer method that I heard about that I guess works really good.  Whatever you take a day right now decrease it by about 30% each day.  I don't know if you take like 2 at a time or more at different times of the day but here is the secret.  Say you are taking a total of 12 a day so 3/4 times a day.  Instead of taking the 12 that way take 3 and then go as long as you can possible go until you start feeling any kind of w/d symtoms (symptoms) which would be the chills and sweats mainly.  Hold out as long as you can and then take your next 3.  Do that the first day and than after a 8 hour sleep which is a nice long time between doses go down to 2 1/2 and try and hold out just a little bit longer throughout the day.  Keep doing this for about a week till you finally get down to where you can take a 1/2 and make that last 12 hours or longer.  Once you can do that even if you stop once you take your last 1/2 your w/d symptoms will be so minimal you won't hardly even be able to tell and your normal energy level will go up.  You have to realize that during this kind of taper that your energy lever will be really low and will stay that way maybe even another week after you completely stop, but after that your body makes its own energy and you will feel so much better, mentally and physically.

If you have any other questions let me know.
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Thanks for your suggestion.....& your support. It's very kind of you to reach out to me & offer your support. All the best to you for your continued success, also
I don't mean to be/seem cheeky, but are u a Doctor?
I'm not real keen on following instructions from someone who is picking #s out of nowhere, especially as I'm pregnant now.
I "get" the premise behind a taper regime....less & less daily until 0.
Pretty simple.
I just don't know how long it chemically takes the body to metabolize each dose and adjust to it to warrant the next taper level
Does anyone have and MEDICAL evidence on what is best??
I'm seeing my Dr today- perhaps he has some "recipes"
I'm open to any other personal stories/experiences. It really helps to know I'm not alone in this.
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Well, that sounds sensible. Thanks for the info. I'm usually a once or twice a day doser. Usually just once at night- 14-24 pills at once PRIOR to this pregnancy, by the grace of God, I have managed to get it down to 4-8 pills once a day since discovering my pregnancy. Since I typically have 24 hours between doses, does this method recommend maybe dosing fewer pills more often for a lower daily count OR just cutting the regular dosing by 30% & trying to stretch the time out farther every day? It sounds like the latter is recommended but I was thinking 2 pills in the morning, 2 pills in the evening, then it's still less than half of my daily total...only thinking this b/c of all the tylenol contained & how the baby may get poisoned by it the more I take at once.
I HAD heard that codeine was safe(r) 4 pregnancy, but thanks for telling me, though.
Perhaps the more regular dosing of such tiny amounts would be better OR they may just make my body want drugs sooner than it does now.
Well, I'll stick to once a day & 30% decrease every couple days- otherwise the w/d might get too bad- it already was over the weekend- horrible headache, sweats, clammy hands, chills, GI upset, uggg. Did u try this method??
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