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A man of faith to creek
You may not know it creek or you may know it I'm not sure.

But the bible says;
If we confess our sins Christ is able and just to forgive us and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

The pattern of having a relationship with God; from my experience
only; not wanting to offend any one is this;

sin,  repentence,(turning away from sin), forgiveness, disapline,
then blessing.

and then the good part is blessing.  Definitely there is/are blessings from God that are promised and can be relied on from the Bible.  I depend upon it.  

And Godly sorrow worketh repentence.  A Godly sorrow is a sorrow of hope for tomorrow.  Strength for today, and victory that will
come for those who simply obey God.  Not a sorrow like the world can give which can be deadly.

Tears for me many time is a sign of strength.  Because when I'm
helpless, sometimes hopeless, desperate its at that point that our God can step in and do something.
But when every things all right.  I'm doing well.  I'm rich, strong, and in need of nothing when would I reach out to God pray tell?
Congrats.  Some of us like me; perhaps you are in a position of weakness where God can do something with us and for us.
Since I'm so weak this is the time to just stand...stand and see that the Lord is good.

Stay in there.  We can make it.
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