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Alternative medication treatment
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Alternative medication treatment

What are the options for a previous vic addict when it comes to legitimate pain/surgery? Is there any non-addictive drugs to treat post surgery pain? I wouldn't think it would be safe to take percoset or any similiar drugs, but will need to take something to relieve pain.
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As a non-using addict I am all too familiar with the problem.
You will no doubt need some sort of narcotic for post op pain.
You must be honest with your doctor / surgeon and yourself about your past and potential abuse of any mind-altering substance.
While you're in the hospital, there should be no problem.
You will not have control over what and how much they give you.
When you get out of the hospital, you cannot have personal access to percoset or other narcotics.
The ideal situation would be to use a non-narcotic pain reliever.
If you absolutely need a narcotic, have someone who knows your abuse potential give you the correct does at the correct time.
This is still a tricky situation because we will bargain with and try to manipulate anyone to get what we perceive as "relief".
The biggest weapon against the drug is Honesty.
That along with a support group of other addicts and you will have no problem.
I would personally recommend getting involved in NA before you go for the surgery.
An addict alone with a bottle of percs will "use" them.
I've been there and done that.
You don't have to go there.
Of course, the decision is utlimately up to you.
We choose to "use". Nobody else does it for us.

You can do this the right way.
Give yourself a break.

Good luck.

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Easier said then done.  You have to be an addict to ACTUALLY understand, sorrry. LOVE YA THOUGH :-)
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A dilemma, to be sure ... I got off Oxy two years ago, then was handed 18 Percs for a severe migraine. Almost cured it, but I felt justified in taking a few oxy's to get relief, and, four months later, I'm starting a home-detox to get off the bloody Oxy.

On the other hand, have you ever quit Vicodin and a good time later popped a few without ending up in the same old mess? I did that with Oxy a few times, one night only, and aside from a few days' depression, stayed off them. Getting a few days' supply was something I should have turned down, but migraines incapacitate you.

So ... there are a few non-narcotic painkillers out there if you want to play it safe. Only you know if you can handle a few shots of Demerol -- I'd certainly let them know beforehand.

Good luck; it's a very tough decision.
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