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Am I being stupid by thinking this will help?
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Am I being stupid by thinking this will help?

I'm trying to go CT off of opiates for the 4th time. I'm contemplating smoking cannabis to deal with the w/d symptoms. I can't stand the nausea and anxiety.
I've never been a cannabis lover, but when I did smoke it, it always made me mellow.

What are your thoughts?

Also, any thoughts on sweating it out? I'm thinking of joining a gym that has a sauna and trying to sweat all the poison out. Has anyone tried that?

Btw, I'm on day 2 of withdrawal.
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Exersizing is hard while detoxing but really helps. And yes u can sweat out that poison. Take the 3 in 1 calcium magnism n zinc from walmart. Its cheap and I SWEAR it helps. 4 in the am n 4 at nite. Drink as much gatorade n water as u can also immodium if u get dirreaha. Good luck n god bless. U CAN do this! Also aftercare like NA or counseling is important! When u quit takin drugs that helps the physical but addiction is mental also that's why aftercare is VITAL!
Absolutely join the gym. Swim, sauna, swim, sauna, that was my favorite part of my day early on. As far as cannabis, I found it made me more aware of my detox. I smoked when using, but had never liked it during withdrawal, other friends felt the same way. Personally, I am not against cannabis use, I think it is a better choice than benzos or anti depressants. On the other hand, I also think complete sobriety for an addict is best, especially the first year. My tendency would be to suggest skipping the smoking of herb. I found that nothing really helped a cute withdrawal, it's a waiting game. It's well worth the wait though.

Immodium helps a lot, it is an opiate that doesn't cross the blood brain barrier. Protein shakes, cal/mag/zinc, multivitamin, and EmergenC are what helped me most. Epsom salt baths as hit as you can stand it are relaxing and help with cramps and RLS. Drink water until you can't drink anymore, then drink a little more. Hang in there, it feels so hard, but we are stronger than we feel we are.
Hey, congratulations on day 2 !!!
Im with both posts above me, exercise definantly.
Personally, i wouldnt do the weed, as weaver said, total abstinance is recommended and you may get hooked.

But, its your recovery and i wish you a speedy one, good luck : )
I didn't smoke during detox - actually still don't anymore. Weaver is a pretty bright guy and his post makes a lot of sense to me. It seems like partaking in herb would only make you more aware of how rotten you feel. It certainly will not give your body what it's craving.  I think that you should avoid it.  Good luck and Hod Bless.
Hi there,  I agree with the above, especially Weaver.  Exercise will help tremendously. I believe it will help the withdrawal process move more quickly. And it should help with the anxiety. As far as the cannabis, I would not use that right now.  Let your body detox from all chemicals.  

Keep posting and let us know your progress.  Take care, I wish you all the best.
Hey there!
No you're not crazy.  I can just tell you from my own experience this:  The first time I went c/t I used pot for the nausea and anxiety and because my doctor at the time was advocating medical marijuana to replace opiates for my chronic illness and associated pain.  I never felt 'clean' because well, I was getting high.  Personally, pot makes me depressed, irritable, paranoid.  It is wonderful for my nausea and appetite when I am having a Crohn's flare but I have only used it for a VERY short period of time when nothing else was working and I still hate the feeling it gives me.
The second time I detoxed I followed the Thomas Recipe and had my doctor prescribe clonidine (a BP med commonly used in opiate detox)  This detox was WAY better and I loved the free clear thinking that I was able to achieve.  After 6 years of being on mind altering substances it just felt SO good to feel me again.  The real me.  My symptoms were also way less intense even though I jumped from way higher a dose and had been on opiates for about double the amount of time than the first time.
I think the difference for me was, I just wanted to be SOBER.  I wanted clarity, NEEDED clarity to figure my SH*% out and really start my recovery process.  I am an advocate for marijuana as I know it is a wonderful cure for many with chronic pain and illness and a WAY better option than opiates.  However, for me I wanted to be sober.  And I needed to find the normal me...It had been so long since I'd seen her and I missed her.
So- it's a personal choice for you.
I did not touch any mind altering substances for over a year after detox.  I engaged in a rigorous aftercare program.  Heck, I didn't even drink coffee, eat sugar, or have sex.  I was basically a nun.  I HAD to do this to learn about myself and why I used things.  I have legitimate pain and illness that is ongoing but I ALWAYS try to find the most natural and non mind altering ways to do this.  Using a drug is always a measure of last resort for me and this includes the steroids and hormones I have to take sometimes to manage my illness.
The sauna is an AWESOME idea.  I own an infrared sauna and used it during detox and really felt it sped up the process.  I had the luxury of taking as long as I needed to get clean and so I didn't even use immodium.  I just wanted that poison out.
Exercise as soon as you are able is the absolute BEST thing you can do to restart your natural endorphins.  It is also the best stress and anxiety reliever I know....I've been in an awful flare since February and I miss exercise like I miss a limb....
Treat your body like a temple.  Treat yourself with genuine love and compassion.  Get yourself into aftercare.  These are the keys to a truly successful recovery.
Wishing you the very best...
I was prescribed Nabilone which is a form of medical marijuana, for pain.  I didn't really like it because it took about 2 hours to kick in and then I was buzzed.  I did find that it helped with withdrawals though.  It took my mind off of it and stopped all of the worst symptoms.  I guess it's just like smoking a joint but it doesn't hit you as fast or as hard.  I couldn't really function of course but I did laugh and eat.
As long as you don't trade one addiction for another, I think it could be helpful during the worst part of withdrawal.  IMO.
Turned out to be a really bad idea. It was definitely a bipolar experience. One moment I was happy and relaxed, the next I felt hopeless 100% focused on my withdrawal. I will not be trying that again.
Thank you all for your advice. Its been very helpful.
The diarrhea seems to have passed, but the anxiety is still pretty bad.
And I would do just about anything for some pills right now. :/
Well it looks like you got your answer....for most it makes the withdrawals worst we have had a lot of members try it the sauna sounds good and so far your progress is good the phyical part is over in 4 or 5 days then the mental kicked in time to check out N/a so you can start to recover keep posting for support...Gnarly
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