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Back from Rotator Cuff Surgery
Hello all,
Back from 5th RC surgery on 9/11, first on the left shoulder and it was almost a total replacement when the Ortho got into it. as termed a huge gaping hole not a normal tear, no clue how I made it through the summer.
For those who don't know me you can read old posts to get caught up.
Anyhow the doc and I discussed the alternatives to Opiates for pain management post op and due to the extent of the procedure I sit here typing still in pain almost 4 weeks out.
We did tryd the conservative route with some Vicodin and electrical stimulation with ice and it landed me in the ER the day after as this combo didn't touch it.

As I said before the 4 years of Oxy nibbling for energy came back to bite me as the brain had rewired itself and pain management is a big issue.
He put me on Percocet for a week to get on top of the pain and it has been "ok" in managing the pain but not that great.

So for those of you who are using any Opiate for reasons other than pain mgt please do yourself a favor and quit now.
I quit CT after 4 years and yes the first 4 days stunk and I still had energy issues 4 months later BUT that pales to what I have been through the past 3.5 weeks and continue to go through.

We will all need pain management at some point in our lives and this is an unpleasent reality that is not discussed as some docs continue to write scripts to mask the source of pain.

I will NEVER use Oxy again ever for that energizer bunny feeling, here I sit at a time when I truly need something for pain and nothing works and it is my own self to blame.
I made it through the summer with a huge RC hole, retracted, a slap tear of another tendon, wasn't easy but I did it and this is worse but I will have to deal with it.

The Estim and heat are helping now, no pills and also it should be noted that like he said "this was not a normal repair in the first place, anchors, pins borderline total replacement so the pain is greater to begin with."

I go back in two weeks to get re evaluated since he and pt are wondering if I am dealing with a pinched nerve or something let go since there was not much to work with, if the latter..... total replacement.

Had I only known the suffering that I would encounter now for what I thought was just innocent little pick me ups :<(

Get off it, save it for when you need it.
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