Day 14 Oxy withdrawal, still can't sleep more than 3.5 hours at a time
by justme555, Feb 10, 2010
When will this get better? THe lack of sleep and screwed up schedule is really starting to make me crazy. I can sleep at most 3.5 hours at night and sometimes get in a nap of 1-3 hours sometime in the day when I just can't keep myself awake anymore. Sleep pills aren't an option for a lot of reasons (mostly they dont work for me, tried them all) and the natural stuff (melatonin, sleepytime tea, camomile, etc) don't do it for me either.

Have others had similar issues 2 weeks into withdrawal? WHen did you start sleeping 5-6 hours straight? I'm scared my sleep will never normalize. It's really affecting my life.

For background I used heavy doses of Oxycontin and Oxycodone for pain (250-300 day) for about 5 years, with lower doses at first that went up over time.

I appreciate any feedback. Thank you. Been up since 4 am (after falling asleep at 12:30)  and feeling cranky...
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by justme555, Feb 10, 2010
Wow, I guess not one person has any interest in responding to my question. Gonna try to take a nap now...
by Sleepless813, Feb 10, 2010
you have me beat they say every body is different but havent heard of any one over amonth for me tr to stay positive 3.5 is great
by cleanmom, Feb 10, 2010
Hey there! I could have written your post straight from my own head! I am on day 6 clean and having these same troubles every single night. I can't sleep more than 3-3.5 hours per night and then i have to be up at 6 am with my 7 year old daughter and 1 year old baby boy. I'm really pushing myself to say the least. To answer your question, i tried valerian root and melatonin as well and it did nothing for me. I have been using Benadryl, which you can buy over the counter, it's an allergy medicine and it also helps some with anxiety and nausea. If it wasn't for the Benadryl i wouldnt even get the three hours sleep, im sure of it. I hope maybe this helps and worst case maybe you can call your doctor and he can give you something to help you sleep, get you through the worst of it. Good Luck-------Jacky
by justme555, Feb 10, 2010
Thanks Sleepless. I like your screenname by the way. So one month or more before it gets more normal? I had no idea what I was in for!
by justme555, Feb 10, 2010
Thanks cleanmom. I feel for you. I definitely have improved since I was where you are at, on day 6. Then I was sleeping 1-3 hours a day. Now I usually sleep once at night and then pass out once more for a nap in the day or evening.

Benedryl worked fro me before withdrawal but now nothing is strong enough and just makes me feel worse taking meds or herbs and then being tired from them but stil unable to sleep. I guess i have to wait it out.

I feel for you caring for kids while going through this. You must have a lot of strength to get through it. Stay strong! Someday we'll be able to sleep more again... :)
by Danny111, Feb 10, 2010
I really think your sleep will beging returning to normal very shortly.  I've heard that the sleep patterns are the last thing that gets back to normal but sleeping only a few hours a night by day 14 seems a little unusual.  I guess maybe it would be a good idea to try not to fall asleep during the day so that by the night you could sleep longer?  Keep plugging and it will get better shortly I think.
by Trying_hard19, Feb 10, 2010
Hey.. I feel your pain.. I am on day 6 from Oxy .. Insomnia is pretty bad here too..

I am taking Trazadone for sleep .. 150 mg .. It really helps. Its a non addictive anti depressant that only seems to get used for sleep. The effects are too sedating for daily use..  

I wouldn't take it without speaking to a doctor .. its a script because it has side effects with some anti depressants..

I know your ( and my) sleep patterns will return to normal. Just give it time ..  37 days is a long time, but in the big picture, its a short time .. Tough it out, you can do it .

by tellit2her, Feb 10, 2010
Hi justme, I would say that you are about halfway there for some restful sleep again. And it all depends on how long you were on oxy's. I was on them well over 8 years and other opiates 16 years before that and it took me a little over a month to get a normal sleep pattern back. An antidepressant also helps, which normally a doctor has anyone who is coming off of strong opiates on them for a short period, but my case a long period. I put myself into a detox-rehab center for 30 days and 9 days of that was in a detox unit. The first 3 days I was on librium which helped with major withdrawals from oxy and xanax, then after that it was NO sleep for the next 3 weeks. Time goes by so fast and now its been 68 days and  all I have is a little bit of depression, but that is the norm after being self medicated for so many years. It was worth it all, and again rest assurred you will return to a normal sleep habit within 2 weeks, and take a lot of hot showers, hot baths, soak in the tub, read, write, and walk that will raise your endorphines to a better level for you, good luck and god bless, mike in nc
by JohnnyDanger, Feb 10, 2010
YOUR DIDNT BECOME ADDICTED OVERNIGHT. Plz give it time and hang in there.  I'm on day 57 off 220mgs oxy.  First 3 weeks were hell.  It does get better.  It can take upwards of a few months to get regular sleep.  I'm sleeping better now but still not 100%.  I can sleep till about 3 am then I am awoke by RLS.   So I get a snack in the kitchen and go to sleep again. It feels NORMAL now.  It hated that feeling of not feeling normal.  I wanted everything to be ok NOW.  But that's the addict in me.  Just remember, the alternative IS MUCH WoRST.  Stay clean and only focus on today, the rest will follow.