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Day 7 of being clean...feel great
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Day 7 of being clean...feel great

After a 4 week taper from about 80-120 mg a day, I tapered down to 15-20 mg a day.  Then took the next step and would not take anything until I had to....

I get up everyday at 9 am.

first day 3 pm
2nd day 430 pm
third day 8 pm
then quit the next day which was 7 days ago.

by then I had little to no WD symptoms....your body adapts quickly if you give it time....on top of that I had time to adapt mentally as well..instead of sitting at home in my bed ready to die for a few days and then struggling mentally..I slowly took control of my life, went to NA everyday and replaced the bad things Drugs and gambling with healthier things...eventually my attitude changed and today I honestly do not crave it, in fact I had no cravings the day I quit was just over...and I was no longer dependent on it.

I guess it similiar to a nicotine patch.  more then the physical it was the mental that needed to be slowly integrated back into reality.

in my failed CT attempts I never could do it with work, kids, and other responsibilities in the way.

I will say I used a lot of Imodium (immodium)..which I quit with the hydro..I don't know if I could have done it without really helped me lower my doses of hydro and function.

5htp has been a huge help in warding off depression..I have experienced little to no depression.

the biggest thing different from CT is my energy is actually way stronger then it was before on the hydro, it got stronger the closer to was to quitting..and never dropped a moment after I was done...

I also changed my diet to a more low carb lifestyle about a month ago, lost 20 lbs in 4 weeks..not sure what if any effect that has on me.

the major WD symptom was fogginess...which cleared up everyday I went without the hydro.

anyways I just wanted to tell people who are struggling....I couldn't of done this a month ago...NA really helped me a lot.  You can do this...I would give NA a try before you quit and see if you connect to anything there and see if the compassion and love those people give help you get that edge you need.

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Great post! Thanks for sharing your good news. Be sure to remember that each day is anew day and the battle to be clean is waged a new every day. SOunds like you have done all of the right things.
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