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Day 8 Clean From Oxycodone -- In Pain -- Suggestions?
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Day 8 Clean From Oxycodone -- In Pain -- Suggestions?

Hi everyone,
I returned home from medical detox today, and am on day 8 clean off Oxycodone for chronic pain. I'm not sure if anyone here has been to  Detox in Canada (inner city detox), but it was INSANE..  The nurses and workers were great, for the most part, but I NEVER want to go back there again and am determined to manage my chronic pain in other ways.
The odd part is that the worst pain is in my spine and tailbone (burning pain), plus general and profound body aches..I had acupuncture almost every day I was there, but don't have access to it now
I had a nap when I got home, and finally stopped shaking this evening.  Basically, I feel like I've been hit by a truck!
I don't have a bath tub at home, so epsom salt baths are out of the question.  I may just do a foot bath and sit on the bottom of my shower until I can pick-up some Advil tomorrow.  .
When I got home, I realized that I have some OTC Tylenol 1's with codeine, but haven't taken any and think that I may just flush them.  It's hard b/c I SO want some pain relief and am accustomed to having Oxy on-hand from my doctor.
When I was put on the Oxy, I had NO idea how hard-core getting off of it is, and at the time I was so sick that I was told there was no hope for getting better by my specialists.  I just thought that I was going to be on them for life.

All I can really say is that I am grateful to be through the worst of it, but am really worried about the pain and PAWS.
Any advice around the pain piece would be beyond helpful..  

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Congrats on day 8.

Here is a link to the pain management forum. Maybe someone over there will have some answers for you.
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Congratulations on day 8.  I see ABN has posted a link to the pain management forum and hope you can find some relief.

It is too bad the bath is out, but the heat from the shower still may be able to help. Take as many as you need. It would be nice to be able to get some advil, or tylenol that does not contain codeine as soon as possible, so you will not be triggered to take what you have there.  

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Wooohooo Gratz on day 8 clean and that's awesome. The very best advice would be to definitely flush them. Walking backwards is dangerous, because it's much easier to fall that way.  What you are feeling as far as "being hit by a truck" is so common. I wish I had access to acupuncture too, bc it helps. The lower back pain is something I have had to deal with, and  I have gotten adrenal plus adrenal supplements for that. It would come on worse when stress hit, and although I can't be sure that this was the case with me, I do know that long term opiate use damages your ability to handle stress and right on top of your kidneys you have these things called adrenal glands which secrete stress hormones called cortisol when you are stressed. So anyway opiate addicts can suffer from adrenal fatigue, and it basically makes you feel very low energy, poor reactions to stressful situations. I began the supplements and my lower back pain is gone so.. I don't know what would work for you.

At any rate, flush the pills and never look back. I have gone back and it made each subsequent w/d so much more painful. I say you're doing great, flush them and know that your body, in time, will again begin to rebuild it's own natural supply of comfort chemicals. What you are feeling now is the result of your body shutting those off bc it's been introduced artificially. The body is efficient that way.

You are awesome and I'm rooting for you.

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I just flushed the T1's, and was almost crying when I did.  It's day 9 now, and I feel like I'm going insane.  Basically, no one but my family knows that I was prescribed Oxy for my pain, and I have almost no support.  .  It's raining cats and dogs outside, and I don't have a car  I have been calling and texting my uber-selfish "baby" brother to ask if he would pick me up some Advil, etc., but he's not picking up his phone and I'm seriously angry at him.  The rest of my family is out of town, or unavailable.
I honestly think that Oxycodone/Oxycontin should be banned due to the intensity of withdrawal and the fact that doc's get paid to prescribe it.  Like I said before, I was prescribed it  for 7 years for chronic pain, and decided to take myself off of it.  My doc would have prescribed it to me for the rest of my life.
The weird part is that I voluntarily tapered off of 120mg 3 x per day OxyContin,(plus very regular breakthrough Oxycodone) down to 15mg Oxycodone 4 x per day, and when I told my doc I wanted to rip the band-aid off and go to medical detox, he basically barked out a big (and scared) "NO".  Making money off of the back's of physically ill and disabled people is beyond vile and reprehensible.
Anyways, clearly, I am pretty angry and anxious, and just can't wait for this to be over.
On the bright side, they did blood work while I was there, and I no longer have adrenal fatigue thanks to the taper.  I guess that grueling year of tapering  was worth it!

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Im on day 50 also from canada T.o , thats a pretty short detox, are you on clonodine or anything? , clonodine helped me from boumcing of the walls, i also did a 10 day detox , i didnt get to complete treatment, untill now. Firdt things first codeing will make you start over and it will only get harder, its death, jail, or death, through those pills out, take it day by day dont worry about paws untill your past the hard part, paws isint that bad it comes and goes.
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