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Detox advice for hydrocodone/tramadol addiction.
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Detox advice for hydrocodone/tramadol addiction.

Hi, I'm 27 yrs old, and have been addicted to hydrocodone and tramadol for the better part of 5 years. It first started with shoulder surgery and continued on recreationally.  I had a prescription for tramadol for over 3 years, and it has now run out. I still have access to hydrocodone and tramadol, without a prescription. I'm basically fed up with my whole life and routine revolving around medication. Not to mention, the financial drain due to the addiction. A normal day consist of 4 to 5 50 mg tramadols, and 3 hydrocodone 10s. I have began weening back, and now either take 3 hydro 10s, or 6 50mg trams. Rotating depending on availability.  Not long ago I tried stopping cold turkey, but due to the high demand of my job combined with the withdrawals, wasn't able to quit. I have read tons of info on different medication for detox. For ex. suboxone, methadone. I don't think I can afford sub, and am fearful of developing a methadone addiction. Not to mention I really don't want to let anyone close to me know about my addiction.  So I have several questions.

1. How long would the withdrawal symptons last. 3-4 days, 2-3 weeks, months?
2. Is there anything that will legitimately alleviate, or reduce symptoms?
3. Which should I cut completely out, before withdrawing off the other?
4. Is there anything I could ask my doctor for that he could prescribe to help? Without wanting me to join a    program, and is affordable?
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Hi and Welcome. FIrst let me start off by saying The trams shold be tapered and you should avoid quiting them C/T. The reason for this is they have an antidepressant componant to it and it can cause seizures if stopped abruptly. At the does you are on, its likely it may not, but my advice is taper it! Trams are no fun to stop, not gonna lie. But many have successfully gotten off of them.

The Hydrocodone you can stop c/t and IMO I think thats the best way to do it. Tapering them just prolongs the w/d's Some people may have lessened them by a successful taper but you will still have to go through w/d's. Unfortunately there is no magic cure all to stop them.

So to answer your questions...
1) the worst of the physical will last about 5 days and then they start to lessen and get better. Then it will take a couple of weeks before you get alot of your energy back. However if you Start to exercise or walk every day, it really does help! You will have to force yourself, but do it!

2) Check out the Thomas Recipe. Lots of good advice on things to get to help woth w/d; symptoms. Also Take lots of hot baths for the RLS and the muscle aches. Baths were a lifesaver for me!

3) I already answered, but Cut out the hydros first or taper them both together

4) Some people have gotten clonadine but I dont have much info on that so hopefully someone else will.

Anyways, I hope this helps and congrats on wanting to take your life back!! Life without pills is SO much better! Especially life withlout Trams!! Nasty Nasty litle drug that I hope one day will be banned from being prescribed!

Keep posting for support and with questions!
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Hi and welcome to the forum,

I really have no personal experience with suboxone, methadone, or tapering.  I will tell you what I think is the best and most benificial way to do it is through treatment which doesn't seem to be an option.  The other most beneficial and painful way to do it is to go cold turkey, which also sounds impossible because of your high stress job.

If you decide to go to the subs or methadone it may help for a while but I consider it like trading a broken toe for a broken finger.  I have also said that in my time recovering, I have never seen this work for anybody.  A good tapering regime I have seen work but I have never done it successfully and we are not allowed to give you advise on how to taper, you have to talk to your doctor what he would suggest and read about it.

Anyway these are my opinions and you will get several more from people on here.  Since I have been going to treatment about a year and a half ago I have been 5 times and that is what it took for me to detox safely and gain the knowledge I needed to stay clean.  There are alot of reasons it helps but to sum it up...

Recovery is hard because it effects these three crucial part of you.
All those have to be worked on constantly and agressively.
Medicines and knowledge for the mental
Exercise and diet for the physical
Prayer, a higher power, and meditation for the spiritual

Good Luck
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Agreed - one more thing that helps me is xanax or vallium (from the doc) if you can get it - helps you sleep and calms a bit of the anxiety - just be very careful with it as it is also addictive. I urge you to read up on subox and methadone as much as possible before going down that road, I have read a lot and for what you're on, it might be like bringing a bazooka to a knife fight. Just be informed. This is a great resource and stay close to this site, it will help you through!
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lower back & right leg pain NOT very consistent 2001 after 2nd pregnancy.
lower back & right leg pain VERY consistent 2006 after 3rd pregnancy.
2007 the start of wanting to chop my right leg off every night from the constant pain.
2008 dr prescribed me every pain med to try what helps. Tramadol 50mg 1/3xs a day was the winner!
later that same year got in 2 car accidents. 1st one was horrible. hit from behind on the highway, spun around, & flipped over a couple of times. was lucky to be alive.
I was very traumatized from accident. my dr wanted me on Cymbalta. at that time tho, couldnt be on both Tramadol and Cymbalta. so stopped Tramadol & tried just the Cymbalta.
only lasted a couple days. got very bad anxiety. as well as the sweats then the chills. I begged my husband to give me my Tramadol. he said he couldn't cause dr said cant combine. I cried & begged more. he gave in & I stopped the Cymbalta.
looking back now, I realize that was actually my 1st sign of addiction to Tramadol. but didn't see it or maybe just didn't want to either.
anyways, from there after accident started also having right hip pain on top of lower back & right leg pain. I ended up taking more. I was at 6 pills a day. 2 in morning, 2 in afternoon, 2 @ night. dr also had me doing trial n error. anywhere from physical therapy, tens unit, cortisone shot, joint injections, you name it. nothing seemed to work. not even the Tramadol felt like it was working. but if I skipped a day, I was more miserable too. so I thought well, I guess it does work. really it was just taking the edge off. this went on for years. & I was still on Tramadol 6 pills a day.
2010 had surgery on my right hip & a very bad separation w my marriage.
2011 the surgery did not help me & still going thru bad separation.
2012 still separated. got very depressed. Feb 2012 dr put me on Cymbalta again. this time I was able to take w my Tramadol. (according to my dr) started on 30mg Cymbalta. then 60mg. ended up 120mg a day. on top of 6 Tramadol. felt ok as long as had my pills.
BUT! had a major weight gain. gained 30lbs within months. (at this time tho I didn't put it together that it was the Cymbalta)
I've always been small framed forever. I was 5"6' / 120lbs. once started the Cymbalta I gained 30lbs. my eating habits were the same as always. as a matter of fact, always in the past whether I was depressed or going thru a break up or anything I always lost weight!
so of course, I got even more depressed because now I'm fat.
Jan 2013 a year later from being on 120mg Cymbalta on top of still being on 300mg Tramadol, my dr decides to instantly take me off of Cymbalta & switch me to Effexor!
now I'm on Effexor, 1 pill in morning & 1 @ night. & still on Tramadol.
I've tried many many many times to get off of Tramadol. ESP since I've been on it for 5 years now.  & I know need to. but I cant. I would rather die coz that's how awful it is for me w the withdrawals!
I also have not been able to lose the god awful weight I gained either!!!!
earlier this week for reason I started to realize that I started this horrible weight gain that is impossible for me to lose when I started the Cymbalta over a year ago. so I googled & came across this site. I noticed that not only the Cymbalta but the Effexor I am on now is more likely the reason for my ugly weight gain. plus! because of the weight gain I hate myself. I'm disgusted w myself. I can't even look @ myself. none of my clothes fit me. I don't want to go anywhere or see anyone. etc. etc. blah blah blah & so on.
SO! I'm on my 4th day w no Effexor & only 4 Tramadol a day. I'm going thru hell but trying my hardest to stay off of it. I will!! & I best lose the weight.
I don't want to be addictive to Tramadol anymore either. it takes over my life. the thing is that I still have the pains in all the same places of my body I did over 10 years ago!
I want to wean off the Tramadol but I don't know if I can. right now, these past days I've been in more pain, headaches, nausea, tired, & very horrifying nightmares!
I'm sticking to totally being off the Effexor for sure! I just don't know if I can get myself to get off the Tramadol completely w out killing myself. but then again aren't I already doing that too??..........,,
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