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Dtchess and Oxy
Hi Ladies!
Dutchess, I wanted to tell you how truly sorry I am for yourl oss.  I have a 9month old daughter, as most of oyu know, and I cannot even imagine life without her.  I had a rough pregnancy and we almost lost her a few times and there were times I prepared myself for the worst but thank GOD she is here and well.  The loss of a child is something no parent should EVER have to go through.  It takes courage to post about it.  I cried as I read it.  I wanted to add that I too am an only child and I totally get the alone time.  My husband comes froma large family and always needs company.  I, however, am fine being a one more than the average person.  Some say it's isolation, I say it's self care.

Oxy, I just wanted to send my thoughts and prayers your way because I see that you're going through some stuff and perhaps coming to some realizations and a bit of a cross road of sorts.  Please know that we all care about you in a tremendous way and that you are should continue to fight whatever it is that you're still fighting with all of your might!!

Ok, off to put the little one to bed.....
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