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Hi, I was using the fentynal patches for about a year plus hydrocodone and tramadol, NOW i have been dismissed by my doctor and I am in a terrible situation,  I cannot get an appt with a doc for a month and i am hurting so bad right now it is undescribable.........if anyone has any suggestions that might help with the pain....PLEASE reply!!!!!
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wow...fentynal can be a brutal drug to withdraw from. I am so sorry to hear your stuck.  However, am so happy that it has forced you to make a change.  Do you have any valium, muscle relaxers, motrin, klonapin, phenergan, vitamin c, heated pads, h20, icy hot, lots of blankets? any of the above..?
I too have been on fentynal patches and dropped by my pain clinic doctor.  I am freaking out.  He said that because I refused to take "procedures", and only use opiates, that he could no longer treat me!  This after five years, and I have not had a "procedure" in over three years!

I am in shock, truly.  I have other conditions, CML (chronic myelogenous leukemia), fibro, Sjogren's, chronic fatigue, asthma, and survived breast cancer two times now.  I had a bilateral mastectomy last November, and the pain clinic doctor helped me through it even though he was not on staff at the hospital.  The mastectomy was easier, because of his help, than the lumpectomy 15 years ago.  They used morphine drip that I could control, and I was in a lot less pain because of being in chronic pain.

I saw him last Friday, he let me go, my G.P. told me today that he cannot prescribe opiates, as the pain clinic doctor told me he could.  So, I called the pain clinic back.  The doctor is two weeks in FL, doing plastic surgery, and two weeks here in PA, to treat people like me.

I was told to call two other clinics, at 5:00 p.m. in the afternoon, nobody was there.  And the pain clinic girl said that the doctor would not call in until tomorrow, and that she would have to wait to talk to him then, about my situation.  I told her that my G.P. said that he should continue to treat me until I can get into another pain clinic, but I am afraid that he will not.

So, here I am.  I have been seeing the pain clinic doctor for years,...same man, he knows what I have been though, all would not believe it if I told you,...and yet, he chose to let me go, and put me through more stress, which he knows I do not handle well, due to all the things that have happened to me (health-wise), over the last 10 years!  I am in shock.  

His girl said it was not personal, and that he had the 'right' to let me go with 30 days notice.

I called my insurance, and because of other illnesses, I can go into a hospital based treatment program, to get off the patch.  I am really scared because I am facing the prospect of even more pain, and being sicker than I am everyday.  I don't know whether to go through the program, or try to find another pain clinic.  Suppose the new clinic refuses to treat me too?  

Honestly, if the lidocain shots (procedure) in my shoulders, neck, and head, had worked,..does it not seem likely, that I would be begging the pain clinic doctor for more of the same procedures??? That is the only procedure he ever offered me, in six years.  I do not want to be in pain!  Yet, he will not continue to treat me with just opiates, and the way he let me go, he did not give me the option of staying,..with a proviso, like,.."If you let me give you the shots (procedure), you can remain with this clinic."....Nothing.

He just let me go, and told me that my G.P. would be able to write the scripts!!  I am freaking out guys!  I am 57 years old, and the last ten years of my life have been hell, truly,  I have fibro, Sjogren's, Raynauds, chronic fatigue, CML, breast cancer survivor (2 times in 15 years), and chronic asthma, plus migraines are back due to the hormone the oncologist put me on to stop future tumors!  I have lived with pain (migraines), for more than fifteen years,..and menopause stopped them, until this new med started, to stop tumors.

I am miserable, and frightened.  I told the pain doctor, two months ago, that I wanted to be weaned off the fentynal.  He took me from a 75 mcg ea 72 hours, to a 50, to a 25, wherein I had withdrawal symptoms.  He was out of town, again, so I had to either go to the E.R., or wait to see him three days later. I am so sick of going to the hospital, I waited.  It was a nightmare.

Three days later, he told me to put 2 of the 25's on, and see him in 14 days.  I did so, and he put me back on the 50 's.  The following month, he drops me!!!!  

I am scared, and don't know what to do.  I called one of the two other pain clinics in my area, and the beginning of 2010, because my doctor was alone in his practice, and though I like him, I was afraid something would happen to him.  He is my age, and burning the candle at both ends, in my opinion.  Two weeks here, two weeks in FL.  He has a huge clientele here, and well,..he is no spring chicken, though he disagrees.

The one clinic, that is on my health plan, told me it would take two months to get into see a doctor!!!  I cannot wait two months, and if my pain doctor refuses to prescribe for me during the interim, I am sooooooo scared!  His girl assured me that he would not do that, but I just don't trust him anymore.  If he could drop me, out of the blue, knowing my health is so bad, he is capable of anything, in my opinion.

I want to know what to do?  I will call the clinic on my health plan, and try to get in soon, but I think I want to continue to try to get off the fentynal.  I am on other regulated drugs, as per the above, and scared that when I do get off of the fentynal, I won't be able to walk ,and/or my joints will hurt again, but the side-effects are awful.

The one thing I have learned, through the last ten years of hell is that I have been responsible for my health.  I found the breast tumors, myself.  I diagnosed the fibro with the help of Katie Couric, when she hosted her morning show, years ago.  She interviewed a Dr. Nye, lupus specialist, who showed all the symptoms of lupus/fibro, and I had them all!  I had been out of work for more than five months, with these symptoms, no diagnosis, and seen specialist, after specialist, all saying nothing was wrong with me.  I went back to my G.P., and asked for the lupus blood test, which came back positive.

What I am saying is why didn't the doctors suspect lupus?  Why didn't they find the breast tumors???  And, if not for the fibro, I would not have seen the G.P., and the CML would have been worse, if not deadly, by the time I discovered something else was wrong.  My G.P., in the beginning before the fibro diagnosis, told me it was "in my head!"  Do you believe that???  Because I was menopausal, I am, naturally, crazy?!!!  It is as if when a women hits 50, the male doctors write her off.  What a horrible bunch of doctors!!!!

I want you all to know that the pain was so severe, I suffered for 15 years with the migraines, and nothing worked, and then not being able to walk, and in severe pain, and exhausted, I was told it was in my head,....I tried everything the G.P. recommended.  I have a closet full of his meds that do not work!  The pain clinic was my last resort, and it helped me, but now, I am a legal junkie, and the doctor said he has the 'right' to drop me with 30 days notice!!!

I think I need to try to get off the fentynal patches, because I don't like the idea that at a whim, a doctor can drop you, and leave you without any help, and facing withdrawal!  Another thing, the pain clinic I go to, cannot keep doctors on staff, they last about a year, and quit.  So, the only doctor there is the owner of the clinic, and he is only there two weeks per month.

My insurance said they will probably want to put me into a hospital based clinic, because of my conditions.  What should I do?  My son wants me to tell the doctor that I will do procedures, and let him, and then go to the clinic, and get off the patch....I am so confused.  I would appreciate any insight that you might be able to offer.  I am just plain freaked out, scared, and on the verge of a nervous breakdown over this darn patch, and my pain clinic doctor's treatment of me.  Please help if you if you have any insight.  I would appreciate it greatly.  
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