Hydrocodone withdrawal, will Xanax help?
by SaveMe29, Jun 07, 2007
I was prescribed hydocodone for pain early last year, but then just started taking it regularly for the past 10 months.  Got up from 1 to 3 to 10 pills a day;(5/500 to 10/325) Sometimes less as I tried to taper down.  

I hated to take them, but if I didn't my body would hurt. So I tried to cut them off last week cold turkey.  My last dose was Thursday-6 pills of 10/325. I felt awful that night, I couldn't get any sleep, leg cramps, nausea, etc.  I took 20 mg, Saturday, then 30 mg Sunday.  Then 15 mgs Monday morning. That night was hell again, and so was Tuesday. I thought I was going to die.  Finally I took 15 mg yesterday after work. I am able to get Xanax, but will this help me get over this? I need to sleep and get to work. I don't know what to do about the leg cramps. I have tried to find a doctor to help, but am unable to get an appointment until the end of the month. So what helps the withdrawal?

side note: i take paxil, i still have anxiety and i found that hydrocodone would calm me down without making me sleepy. i just feel to young to ruin my body. there has to be an alternative.
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by liscamdave, Jun 07, 2007
The only other alternative is to seek an outpatient Detox facility. You will continue to experience withdrawal until you stop all intake of the pills. The xanax will help u a little, but it too can be addictive so be careful. There are ways to end your addiction with help. Look up Suboxone Doctors in your area, or Naltrexone Doctors. Google it and call and talk to the nurse..

Good luck and stick to this forum, it will help you...

by mom2rachie, Jun 07, 2007
I know that many times people are trying to help when they mention suboxone or subtex but it's not the end all be all way to end addiction.  I am not trying to stir up controversy, simply stating an opinion based on much of what I've red here.
It needs to be reserached carefully and you need to talk to a professional about it before you deicde you want to go that route.  Also, please read people's stories about it on here.  It should be used as a detox NOT a maintenance drug but because it works much in the same way as opiates do without giving that "high", it has addiction qualities.  Ity's actually an opiate blocker I believe.  You might want to talk to FLaddict.  She just started her treatment on it a ffew days ago.  I think she's doing quite well. Regardless, don't go on it or into it lightly.
I just think that unless you fix the issues inside of yourself and find out why it is that you're using and or abusing your meds, you will never truly be clean and simply replacing one drug for another is not always the snawer.
I would like to tell this person to talk to a dr, go over all of your options and perhaps get into a program, maybe go into counseling or continue to post here.  There are lots of great people who have been through suboxone, methadone, cold turkey and tapering, who can help you greatly.
You don't necessarily have to go to a dr, but it wil lmake detoxing easier.  It's hard no matter what you choose but it IS do-able and you CAN do it if you really want it.  The rost of the physical withdrawal symptoms are usually gone or at least well on their way of getting better within 72 hours.  The mental part (PAWS post accute withdrawal syndrome) lasts a little longer which is why you need to fix other things otherwise a relapse is likely.
I wish you luck and I will keep you in my prayers!!
by shelby74, Jun 07, 2007
Xanax does help a lot BUT it is highly addictive.  The withdrawals from Xanax are also dangerous if you do get addicted.  Seizures, etc.  So you have to be very careful with Xanax if you do take it.  Make sure if you stop taking Xanax or want to off of it to talk to your Doc on how quickly you should taper.

All my best,

by oxysbliss, Jun 07, 2007
If your looking for a miracle pill..YOu wont find it...

No matter how you cut it..its hard to come off pills and they play a HUGE toll on your saying that, yes there are things you can do..

Green teas help with taking out toxians
Some kind of sleep you can have restless sleeps
Some kind of pill that iwll help with Restless leg syndrom, which helps but doesnt take everythign away
Changin the way you much water and fruit juices you drink

You can crave sugar like crazy, adn I would highly suggest you dont give into the cravings as I honestly believe it affects your state of mind nad wds..........but thats just me....

There is a Thomas REciepe that has a bunch of information that is truely helpful..

YOu can decide to taper or go c.t...or try honestly up to you and what you do in your daily life...that is honestly the deciding least it was for me

Im sorry Im so breif......but I just wanted to say welcome and give you a bit of information

I hope htis helps until someone else comes around or when I get back...if I dont see the Thomas Reciepe up I will post it when I have a chance

So hang in there..and post when you need to

by YouCanDoIt81, Feb 23, 2010
Well i was addict for over 3 years on oxy devil pill, everyone stay away from this one.  I decided to stop as my life was going no where i spent 1000's of money on it and it was time to stop.  I know how everyone is talking about subs (soboxene) how good it is but i must tell you be careful, it DOES help dont get me wrong but its just as addictive.
I was able to get about 20 subs and temperate down slowly where to the point i was only taking 1mg 1/4 of the pill every morning for a 2 weeks straight.  After that i decided to stop that as well.  To my huge surprise i though i wont have any WD, big mistake.  I did, but i must say i tried stopping heroin (oxy's blues) what ever you call them cold turkey and that was hell, i couldnt take it.  After stopping my subs treatment my first 24-48 hours was not as bad as on heroin but trust me it wasnt pleasant.  My first day was hell, had to be in bathroom every 5 minutes and for that i would advise you to buy Imodium helps greatly. As for not being able to sleep which i did go through i was able to get some xanax,   it helped very much so but then again like with anything you only use it if u must.  All of these crapy drugs are bad and everyone should stay away from them.  It really its not that bad you can do it.  Its more in your head and dont freak out about people telling you its impossible.  Just take few days off drink lots of fluids, try to eat as much as you can and find some subs if you must.
Life is so much better sober, f*ck drugs
by Onmywayoffoxy, Nov 10, 2010
I am currently in the process of quitting daily recreational oxycodone use and have had alot of restless leg problems and sleep problems. sleep has been impossible the whole time i have been tapering my narcotic doses which just ended. I have to be miserable all day detoxing and save my daily amount of oxy (just enough to fall asleep with 5 - 7.5mg) for just before bed otherwise toss and turn untill 8am when my alarm clock goes off.  I asked a family member who is a RN what they give during DT's at the hospital and she said benzo's (but in a much more detailed explanation). So i have stopped all narcotic use and have been taking xanax at 1mg doses just before bed and HAVE been able to fall asleep. however, i wake up drowsy. In conclusion, xanax has helped with some WD effects, mainly sleep for me but dont expect it to help with the miserable physical WD feelings you are going through. The best advice i can give is to not take these pain pills to begin with... I cant think of many worse mistakes i have made in my life worse than addicting myself to pain meds.  No matter how good they make you feel and believe me i know, they are not worth it.  -mike age30
by Daneyon, Dec 08, 2011
I am going threw horrible withdrawals from methadone right now. you will want to die but you won't die from withdrawals. I was at 180mg of liquid methadone every day for the past 4 years. I quit taking it a little under a month ago and I still feel like I can't do it sometimes. I called my doctor today and he prescribed me Xanax. Still waiting for them to get here though.

When I first quit. he prescribed me Clonidine and Trazadone. they helped for the first couple weeks but they are starting to wear off. The Clonidine helped with the restless leg syndrome and the Trazadone helps you sleep.

The first 3-8 days were the hardest. but after you make it past that, It's all down hill from there. Quitting any kind of opiet is deff. doable. Just hang in there, drink lots of water and you'll make it.
by runawayjimi, Feb 23, 2012
My name is kyle and I am an addict. I have tried all things, medicine, religion, and psychiatry. as far as your job goes be honest, your family be honest, your doctors be honest. there is no cure for addiction and only you can make that admission. honesty can be one of the most amazing tools for recovery. I will tell you that the withdrawal for suboxone is much worse then the pills. the only answer that I have found as well as countless others is in the rooms of Narcotics Anonymous. please check into a detox facility. do not call them! show up and be desperate, be stern, tell them you have no choice. there is no shame in saving your life.there is hope for anyone with the desire to stop using. good luck
by justme1119, Feb 23, 2012
I have to admit, I haven't read all the posts on this thread.  I'm tired and my eyes hurt.  But I do think I have some advice that would be helpful.  In my experience with Norco early on and with methadone later, and with family members on Xanax.  Norco is the easiest to get over!  Don't get on anything else.  Stick it out!  It only takes about a month to get over the hydrocodonne withdrawals.  Everything else takes much longer!  If you are truly serious about ending the use of opiates, stop at hydrocodone!