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Iatrogenic dependence, not abuse
The great majority of those dependent on  benzo followed the doctors' directions exactly. Medical doctors are causing this devastation and blaming their victims as addicts. They are not adducts in any sense. They are medical victims.

Does anyone  trust the person who did this to help him off of the drug? The plain fact is that medical doctors are untrained in benzo discontinuation. They, then use methods suitable to hard drug problems, and the patient  can develop bizarre and permanent damage.

Ashton  did no more than instruct people to use 0.25 to 1.0mg less of Valium at a time. There is a substantial recovery period for each of these "cuts". Ashton offers a crude excuse of a method and she is resting on 45 year old laurels. Her 2007 revised edition is the old one with two changes. She makes some serious  mis-statements/ Desperate people are hanging on her words simply because they have nothing else.

Someone suggested using Xanax every other day as a discontinuation method. This is misapplied opiate detox. It will cause certain interdose withdrawals and make getting off of the drug impossible. Graph the doses with the half lives and see what I mean.

I have moderated two antibenzo sites. The misinformation keeps pouring in. Yes BenzoBuddies used to be a decent place for help. I just heard from a Xanax patient who was seriously misled by their administrator.

Now for the detox exposure: detox places and hospitals treat benzos as a street drug. The result is tragedy. How do they get away with this false advertising? They have uninformed MD's  sending their patients for this horror.

A patient who had C/T withdrawn 134days ago and was in agony called a detox hospital and asked how they cure people. The nurse said that they take the patient completely off the benzo while using opiates for seizures, and in three days the patient is detoxed and well. Obviously not taking a benzo for two weeks didn't do the job so how could not taking it for three days  be valid? The nurse hung up the phone. This scam can cost $10.000, and it leaves the patient in a life threatening condition. The FTC needs to investigate this. Who is aiding the victims?

Some people have used their own good judgment and their determination to free themselves. These are the people to listen to. There are too many flaws in Ashton's 45 year old concepts. Use your mind. If something does not agree with your own experience, it is wrong

Here is parting advice; stay away from psychiatrists. They do not understand the drugs that they are prescribing. They will load you with more drugs to come off of a benzo.

Censor this if you will, but the truth is still out there. You didn't do this to yourself, but it is you who will fix the problem.  think before you follow any benzo discontinuation scheme.

I have no time for tact. This is a serious issue, and ignorance is everywhere.
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