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If i stop cold turckey in my 8th month will the baby still be born addi...
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If i stop cold turckey in my 8th month will the baby still be born addicted

I have been using heroin and percocet for the past few months of my pregnancy. I am due Oct 11th. I am trying to decide were to go from here. i want to stop and i belive i can do it on my own, but is it okay for the baby? When he is born will he withdrawl (withdrawal)? Please if anyone can give me some advice, or if there is anyone out there with stories to share similiar to mine let me know.
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I could tell you a few stories like yours but it will not be what you want to hear.  I work for an organization that works with women (and men) dealing with addiction and other issues.  Yes, there is a very good chance your baby will be born addicted and will suffer withdrawal.  That being said, the sooner you quit the better chance your baby has.  You 100% need to work with a Dr. on this as withdrawal, especially from a drug as powerful as heroin, can be very very dangerous for your unborn child. I am sure you probably know a little bit about withdrawal for adults...imagine a tiny little baby...the symptoms are far worse and yes, he or she is already addicted.  It is extremly important that this be done under the care of a professional and there are places that know how to help you do it properly.  Please do not jsut quit cold turkey.  I know you are probably scared to talk to your Dr. and I understand, I really do. However, for the sake of your unborn child (and yourself) the absolute best thing you can do is to seek treatment today.  I am glad you have decided to stop, but please please get help.  Again, I cannot stress enough the importance of working with a medical professional or the results could be devestating.  I wish you luck.
I agree! Glad you want to quit and that you are seeking advice. But for the sake of your little one, you must not do this alone. It's very hard for the little person inside you to deal with big changes, and it could harm them. That being said, if you do this with qualified  guidance and support, and if you start now, you can still make it a lot easier on the little one when he or she is born - and you will be on the road to recovery from addiction too! That would be a really happy ending!

I hope that you will let us know how it goes.
Not to scare you, but if you haven't quit by the time you have your baby & the hospital suspects you use they will test you & your baby & you can very possibly loose your son.  They will take hi to foster care etc.....
This happened to my brother & his wife.  Not sure what she was using, but they tested both mom & child & LUCKILY my parents were able to take her. It was a BIG mess!!!  They were VERY lucky cuz my other brother & his wife were able to take their 3 boys & my mom n dad raised the baby girls for 6 months.  They had major court/legal stuff & it was tough for everyone.
I agree w/the 2 ladies above.  You HAVE to stop, & the sooner the better for BOTH of you.  BUT please do it w/medical help, it can be so dangerous.
You will be so much happier when you do quit, you will need support but it's not impossible.  Just think of you beong a good mom for you baby biy, he will need you ;)

Best of luck to you, I hope you can get clean & healthy ;)
NO - you should not stop on your own w/out the care/treatment of a doctor!!!!!!

I know that's contradictory advice but the fetus does not react well to withdrawal to opiods/narcotics/hallucinogenics while in utero.  If you stop too suddenly, it could mean dire consequences for the baby - when I consulted my pain management doctor about stopping my pain meds during the 3rd trimester, he warned me of this particular thing - not to stop w/out the care of a doctor!!!!!!!!

You will not make it easier on the baby while withdrawing while pregnant.  It's one thing to withdraw during the 1st and early 2nd trimesters but it's a whole other thing to do it in the 3rd one.  I wouldn't say all of this if I hadn't been in the same boat if you will (I take pain meds - not heroin - under the care of a doctor).  

Please go to your doctor and get HIS advice - not anybody else's on this forum - including my own.  Follow HIS advice on this matter.  It might mean withdrawal that begins now or after the baby's born.  If the nursery & pediatrician know the situation, he/she can treat the baby after he's born w/some different things.  yes, it could mean some consequences for you but you have to do what's best for the baby.

Please don't stop cold turkey until you see a doctor - don't be afraid to talk to your own and if you haven't gotten pre-natal care, please go right away and get an experienced doctor.  This can be done -you can do this - get SAFELY withdrawn and do what's best for you and your child.  

This is not what you want to hear, but since you knew you were addicted, why didn't you have an abortion? It is one thing to harm yourself, but quite another to harm an innocent baby.
It sounds to me that seeking professional help is the only option if you want to keep this child and care about it's well being. It is difficult to admit to a Dr. your addiction but on the other hand it shows you are making steps for recovery. AND, if you cannot get in with a care provider because it is last minute you must tell them the situation over the phone or keep calling until someone will see you.  Don't give up!
IF you wait for the hospital to find out when the baby is born and immediately going through withdrawls there will probably be no options for you except for them to take the baby.
That being said, it depends on how you feel about your unborn child what kind of help you will get. I'm sure it's terribly scary but it makes me very sad. Good luck to you.
DO NOT QUIT COLD are only harming yourself and the baby. Please seek advice from a professional. Risk of siezures, etc. NOT GOOD!

My sister was a heroin addict (used while prego) and 18 years ago delivered a baby boy that was
a. born addicted and 4 lbs
b. child sufferes from many medical and develpemental problems

Why are you looking to do this now?  
I am (trying not to) judge but so late in your pregnancy you are asking this question?
DSS will be at your post delivery bed
I dd not mean for my last comment to sound mean...but it happened to my sister.
My parents have had to raise my nephew for 18 years as DSS was wanting to take him away when he was born and my parents took custody.

Just letting you know.

Good luck
This is one of those posts that has haunted me, I thought about you all night.  As soon as I got to work I tracked down our in house OB as she has experience in dealing with this type of situation.  She said the same thing many of us here have said.  It is highly dangerous to both of you to attempt a cold turkey withdrawal right now.  She said you must talk to your OB or Dr. who can refer you to a specialist in this type of thing.  There are addiction treatment centres that specialize in pregnant women.  I suspect your fear is that seeking help will result in the baby being taken away from you.  I know laws in the US can be different in Canada, but here they will work with both mother and baby to try to reunite them. If the mother can show she is seeking help and doing the right things to sort out her life and deal with her addiction they will support you. Of course in the meantime they do need to make sure baby is safe and getting the hellp and treatment he or she needs, but you can do this.  However I cannot stress enough, she told me that it is very very unsafe to do this cold turkey and alone.  Please get professional help. Jen (40smomma) is right..none of us are experts, but consulting one is the absolute best thing you can do for both you and your child.  I truly do wish you luck.  You are taking the first step in recovery by even admitting this.  You and your child can have a good life if you start taking the steps now.  Take care.
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