Imodium for Withdrawals
by LuckyCharms, Jun 26, 2008
Question.  Has anyone used Imodium to ease opiate withdrawals?  If so, was it effective for you?  Did you have a secondary withdrawal from Imodium when detoxing?  Overall, would you say it helped or hindered your detox.  Just curious.  Thanks.
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by SableZen, Jun 27, 2008
Immodium has an opiate in it called loperamide. But unlike most opiates, it has very little to no effect on the central nervous system (does not cross the blood-brain barrier). Instead it has a strong action on the opioid receptors located along the GI tract. So yes it helps prevent withdrawal related diarrhea well, but it won't have much effect on any overall symptoms of withdrawal.

Physical dependency can be an issue with Immodium over long-term use, but not addiction. So secondary withdrawal really shouldn't be an issue.
by GoingToMakeIt, Jun 27, 2008
Immodium, or generic, is a great tool to minimize diarrhea during that first week of w/d. Only use it for comfort as diarrhea is one of the body's way to detox.
by NautyOne, Jun 27, 2008
I disagree.  I've read that it does help a lot with withdrawals, but I'm not going to get into how to use it on the open forum.  I can help relieve some of the dont' take it for more than a week or so as guess what?  you can get addicted to it.  So yes it can help relieve the withdrawal but you will still feel like dookey.

by SableZen, Jun 27, 2008
There is a lot of misinformation out there about using Immodium that encourages people to take massive amounts of it with the thinking that built-up opiate tolerance means that a person simply has to take a lot of it to benefit. Which is not only incorrect but dangerous (and not only that - it's encouraging the abuse of another drug).

Loperamide does not cross the blood-brain barrier - it has no impact on the brain and cannot result in addiction. It's action is limited to endogenous opioid receptors located along the the GI tract. That's why no matter how much you take it will never relieve general withdrawal symptoms.
by lucyred68, Jun 27, 2008
it helped me tremendously.  i took it when i needed to get some sleep and the runs were keeping me on the toilet nearly 24/7.  just take it to slow thing down, not to stop them.

by avisg, Jun 27, 2008
If you are looking for diarrhea help it works great ,if you are trying it to get rid of withdrawl symptoms all I can say is I tried this once I took tons of it all I got was constipated ..
by worried878, Jun 27, 2008
yey...I think the concrete stool would probably keep most from abusing it ..during detox i needed it tho...if u dont need it u will feel like a bloated dog i would does sit on some of the same receptors that narcotics it is specualted that there is a little bit of relief from withdrawals...but not a whole lot...the liquid works fastest and was a life save for me...the runs were the worst part of my detox tho
by, Jun 27, 2008
is this the same stuff you buy otc?
by wannabefree330, Jun 27, 2008
Yes it is purchased otc and generic works just as well as name brand