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Is it legal for a Doctor to take you off all pain meds cold turkey
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Is it legal for a Doctor to take you off all pain meds cold turkey

I have had 3 lower lumbar surgeries (L4-5 - S1), the first one 6/13/2001.  I now have to have C3-4 down to L5 done due to more bone degeneration (I've been a Brittle Type 1 Insulin Dependent Diabetic since 2/23/1967 and also had radiation treatment for breast cancer 1998).

After many years of trying different medications including a spinal cord stimulator (which failed due to too much nerve damage), my Pain Specialist finally came up with a comination that worked.  

Since 6/13/2001, I have been on some kind of opiate for pain.  For 2 1/2 years now, the formula that seems to work is: 8 mg of Dilaudid 3x/day...1-2 valium at bedtime to help relax me...1 klonapin 3x/day if needed ( I do not take these regularly)...30 mg of Adderall (adderrall) 1 2x/day (I take these because I have chronic fatigue due to chronic pain.  I do not sleep more than 1-2 hrs at a time before waking and having to shift positions.  Because I do not have one of the 3 sleep disorders, altho mine is medical, Medicare will not pay for Nuvigil, so Adderall (adderrall) seems to work the best).  I am supposed to take 50 mg of Dantrolene 3x/day, but am afraid to because of the black box label...I also take 120mg of Cybalta for Severe Peripheal Neuropathy and I guess it is a anti depressant as well.

Unfortunately, Medicare is not paying my Pain Specialist what they should so I had to seek out a new one.  After trying several and refused because I admitted smoking marijuana in the past (oh if they only knew...:)  I was told by my past Pain Specialist not to be so honest and to say NO to that question.  Talk about a Bizarre way of thinking...don't be honest.  Especially since Marijuana helps with pain and diabetes control...oh well...leave it to the rich and powerful to rule our lives.

Finally found a Doctor (I am hesitant to call her this), she decided after looking at my Mylograms that I should be off all stimulants and opiates and that my pain should only be minimul.

I tried to talk with this lady about what my Neurosurgeon and my Pain Specialist both saw in my latest mylograms and she just kept telling me to complete my paperwork.

She said everything looked stable and Yoga should do me just fine.  Again, I tried to tell her that I had tried Reiki, Accupuncture, accupressure, a spinal cord stimulator that failed, meditation and so far this was the only medication regiment that worked for me.

I also tried to tell her what the other two Doctors said.  That I needed from C3-4 down to L45 again.  They wanted me to have this surgery at OSHC in Portland, OR because they felt there was not a Dr. in Boise, ID that could give me adequate care due to my critical health and nerve system.

Again, she said to complete my paperwork.  She took me off all medication...EVERYTHING my body was used to since 6/2001.  Was I bet, to the max.  

The footnote she wrote to my Primary Physican was "take off all opiates and stimulates and patient should see a Pychiatrist".  She ruined my integrity and has caused me so much more pain and anxiety than I can even describe.  

I've written a letter to my Primary Dr. in hopes that I can at least get back on my Adderall (adderrall).  I see a new Pain Specialist tomorrow and hope he has a brain and will get me back on something that works.

Toxins in my bet, but I at least feel like I can live my life somewhat.  Can't smoke marijuana.  My prescription history will verify that I am not a Polypharmacy.

Since 4/5/2012, when I saw this quack, I've lost 11 lbs, barely move from my bed, just enough to feed my dogs and try to eat.  I cannot sleep at nite...I cannot move or focus during the blood sugars are all over the place because they are affected by pain and anxiety.  I have had 3 BG's over 600 and take about 9 shots per day to keep it under 450.

My Primary Dr. said she is concerned about my overall well-being, which has been affected detrimentally for sure since 4/5/2012.

Can this quack of a doctor legally just take me off my medications that I have been used to for many many years and tell me Yoga will be fine?  Isn't there harm to my body (obviously yes) by taking me off cold turkey?

I am hoping this new Doctor will be good.  Already did their **** test they require on 4/5/2012.  Won't do one tomorrow coz smoking marijuana has kept me slightly sane.  I've been told of other drugs too, but won't go there yet.

I'm numb...if there was a miracle where I did not have to take opiates or stimulates that would be great.  I am 56 (biologically I am 87 coz of my diabetes), if the rest of my life on this earth is going to be worth living and it requires the medications I have been be it.

Can this Dr. really do what she did to me and get away with it?

Thank you for your time.  I am a Pisces and have a Sociology education, so to "keep it short" is not in my vocabulary.

til next time...take care...Deb
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Yes she can take you off these meds.  It happens all the time.  Alot of doctors dont understand that once meds are stopped all he!! will break loose.  I hope your new doctor can help you.  We also have a pain management forum here at MH.  I would copy and paste this and put it up in that forum also.  They are very knowledgeable over there. .  Keep us posted  on how things turn out.   sara
I feel for ya had the same thing happen to me after back surgery
the doctor is not under any leagle obligation to treat you although there is a moral code of ethics you best bet id to just get off all of it in the long run most of us feel much better once we do at least give it a shot you will find out your base pain line good luck with whatever you decide God bless........Gnarly  
I can believe it but it's not right.  The Adderall (adderrall) and things like and anything for your anxiety or such... that should and normally are prescribed by a Pychiatrist.  But your PAIN Meds should come from that PAIN MANAGEMENT doctor... but once you have either admitted to smoking or had a bad drug screen that showed it, they do not have to prescribe you any narcotics for pain. Its all differs from state to state but it is basically all the same.  You might have to go back to the dr you had before and figure out some way to pay out of pocket to get your meds.  

As for the price of the meds.... try and see if you can find some helpful info there... otherwise... I am at a loss for suggestions.... good luck!
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