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HI there! I haven't posted for awhile..I had a death in the family..well, he was basically family anyway so I have been really depressed lately. But your post intrigued me....and I have a few things to say.
First of all..your doc sounds like a MORON. If your liver enzymes are elevated..then that would mean you are TAKING the pills, as you are supposed to be. So how could he be thinking you are selling them?
My friend used to sell all her hydros. So, one day her doc does a bloodtest on her, and BAM! He finds NO hydros in her system, so he basically figured out what was going on. But in your case, your body is showing proof that you are taking the pills...So your doc sounds like an ass. :)
Also...why the heck did he give the scripts if he thought you were selling them? It doesn't make sense.
I'm confuuuuuuuuuuused.............
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Well about my insurance, that goes to show a few more comical points behind it. First of all, Im under my Fathers Insurance until Im 21 (not my mums; Her name isnt on it), (He works for the Sheriffs Dept.) and Im 19 now. I just don't understand, I never even asked for the pills to begin with, I mean this guy hands out pills like its nothing, Even antibiotics like a moron. "Got a cold eh? Here; Have some Penicillin" I told him about my head when i first started to get them and I tried so many other thigns it was just amazing. I for one hate pills, Just because I've seen alot of people loose control on them because they take over your life. And now, im getting screwed over in 2 ways.

First he percribed them to me on his own whim. I didnt ask for them. If there was somethign else out there that would work and not have stupid side effects like constipation then, hey, thatd be wonderful. Buuuut with my poor luck there isnt, I got my script for the Norco today but im not taking till 4 days from now to see if the Gabapenton works. Fingers annnnd toes crossed but I prolly wont be suprised.

But not only does he give me such a strong narcotic; he thereafter decided to cut me off without weening me off, which is complete bullshit.

So the alternative is, goto another doctor and tell them my situation (Funny he calls me an addict or claims im selling them, when he wants to send me to a pain clinic) Buuut If i goto another Doctor and they understand, My insurance wont cover it cause he has to tell the Insurance some bullshit. And in all honesty, Im scared, because it hurts so bad. It can honestly rate anywhere on the pain scale and I know people usually over exaggerate how bad their pain is, but I wont label it a number, It honestly just stops me from moving or talking. I try to ask someone to get me a cold wash cloth and..the words just will not come out. And now im gonna hafta deal with that and I dont know what to do. Not only did he say something about me to my mother, but; When I was in his office he said things about my mom and how he prescribes her Valium. (My dad had prostate cancer and got surgery, so she was stressed like crazy, so he gave her that; 10mg) Stupid For that much, But im not signed to know anything about her medicine or anything else, and he tells me in the office that shes addicted to it. Which I know shes not; cause she hardly ever takes it. I dont know what to do, His idiotic mindset is just leading me back to laying in bed endlessly scared to move cause it might hurt.
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