Meth & rubbing alcohol
by ladytee65, Aug 21, 2009
My boyfriend is acting strange.  Locking himself in the bathroom for hours at a time claiming he is cleaning it except when he is done it is no cleaner then when he went in.  I found bags laying around which he did admit was meth.  But now I noticed he is clinging to a bottle of rubbing alcohol.  I looked at his body for needle marks and so far don't see any.  What could he be doing in there for hours and why is he holding on so tight to rubbing alcohol?  Is alcohol used in the smoking process?
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by LIZZIE LOU, Aug 21, 2009
this is your boyfriend?  you're not married?

by bkwrm679, Aug 21, 2009
It's used in the process of making Meth. Perhaps he's making meth in your bathroom with all of the "cleaning materials" and then taking his little lab apart when he's done.
by LIZZIE LOU, Aug 21, 2009
i'm not really "up" on the process of making meth...but i thought that it had to be cooked and that there was a definite smell from the process.  can that be done in a bathroom??????
by SophieShine, Aug 21, 2009
Hi and welcome to the forum!
Get outa there as fast as you can. you don't wanna understand, believe me. And you sure don't wanna get involved in the misery this is all gonna bring right in your living room. Think about yourself. When drugs are in the story, it isn't a love story anymore. Well it is, but the love is for the drug...
Best of luck to you.
xoxoxo. sophie.
by mr.lucky66, Aug 21, 2009
good advise get out while the getting is good. He probably shooting speed and it gets real ugly real fast.
by NautyOne, Aug 21, 2009
If it were a bottle of hand lotion I wouldn't worry as much as this bottle of  rubbing alcohol.  You do have a problem really need to think about this.

I wish you the best.

by BornofOsiris, Aug 21, 2009
if you couldnt find track marks or there was no smell he could be shooting it in his eye....sounds gross but ive seen it sorry to hear this you dont deserve nor nobody else, my advice to you is get out while you can.
by j34, Aug 21, 2009
My bf used to lock himself in the bathroom too! I know how I felt angry ,scared, frustrated. I had to let him go I tried sticking it out and I hated him and resented him which in turn did not help him in him trying to recover .He is now in a recovery house with almost 4 months clean and we date and have our ups and downs. I would like to suggest a support group for you there is Al anon and Nar anon. They are groups for families of people in addiction and it really is great to have a support group and learn about what is what in this terrible situation. .As a recovering addict myself I know from personal experience that when I was being enabled by my loved ones I did not want to change cause it did n't hurt that bad but when I ended up on the streets,on and off for two yrs I finally admitted powerlessness and got help from Na and Aa today I am clean and loving life. I wish you well and if you have any questions just ask me and I will try to answer