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Methadone 160mg, about to rapid detox, need help & advise!
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Methadone 160mg, about to rapid detox, need help & advise!

Hi there. I have severe Crohns Disease which was very painful, I was in the hospital multiple times and when I was put on Dilotid (synthetic morphine) was the only real times my abdominal pain ceased. But as I was always on it no more than a week or so Id feel crappy for a faw days after discharge and then be fine.
Then I had surgery, remove a pill-camera that got stuck in the intestinal tract, and had to take 5-6" of small bowel. The pain after was extreme, like nothing I expected, and I was on high dose dilotid for over a week, then weened onto percocet 10mg's and given a decent rx of them to take home.
So long story short I was basically already hooked as I left the hospital, filled the script immediately, used them up over 2 weeks, on removal of stiches and recheck I talked my way into another percocet script and I was all kinds of hooked from there.

When they ran out and I was already hitting up friends and finding roxy 30mg's and ended up being on increasing amounts for months. Finally after spending every penny on them for months I entered a methadone detox center, but they lulled me into maintenence. I felt terrible at the initial dose and had to keep going up, past 100mg, to about 120 at first.

Over the months as pain and sleeplessness came back I went up more here and there, now at 160mg/day after just under 6 months. Totally comfortable at this level but unfortunately going there every day is not very appealing, its very expensive, and I dont have enough work to afford it atm (slow season on what I do atm, restoring houses).

Well I am off medicaid and cant afford clinic anymore. They take you down 20mg the first day and 10mg/s every day after till zero, Im sure there will be serious WD symptoms but have no idea what to expect. That will be 15 days including the first days decline of 20mg to 140, then there to 0 in 14 days 10mg/day drop. I could really use some advise and someone with a similar experience to expect how bad the withdrawls may be. Needless to say im scared ******** from what I have heard about mdone withdrawl (withdrawal). I wasnt expecting to stop as I was supposed to be on medicaid longer than I ended up being, screw up on their end, nothing I can do in time so..

I was supposed to have 4 months of back paid medicaid time at the clinic, so in case I lost medicaid id have 4months to taper down. Some kind of screw up and its not there and there seems to be nothing to do in the short term.

Any help, stories, advise appreciated, thanks!
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Well I have never used methadone so I am not much help. I just know what I have heard from others who did. I hear its a horrible withdrawal. I am not sure how long it last. I know it is always more than withdrawal also. You need to find a good aftercare program to help with staying clean. NA is a good place and I am sure there are other places to look for aftercare as well. Maybe you can go into a detox home or something. I know there are places you can go besides straight home. You need to get all the support  you can. Getting clean and staying clean is hard. It takes a lot of inner strength to just admit you have a problem, and have to be damn strong to stick it out. I know there is one fellow on here that went through basically what you are and I am sure he will be around later today and can give you some much needed advice and what really to expect and what if anything helps for the WD symptoms. I know there is the thomas recipe that gives some relief for people in WD and other natural products may help also.

I am a heavy vic  and soma addict. My withrawals lasted about 7 days with 4 and 5 being the worse. Extreme sweats, body aches, I felt like my joints were gluing together, I had a lot of leg tingling and pain, nausea, overwhelming tiredness. I couldn't raise my head out of bed sometimes.

But you have found a good site to get help with what to expect and find tons of support here usually around the clock. Everyone here is rooting for you and will help answer all your questions. It is great to have somewhere to turn all the time. You will find some very experienced people here along with good advice.

I wish you luck with your recovery and something I find is that I find that helps me is knowing I am not alone that others out there are just like me. fighting to survive and regain a health happy lifestyle.
HI Bill......god I hate to read these kind of storys....methadone clinics su c k when it come to
forced detox...I wish there was a way you could do it right in the higher doses you shouldn't be to bad off just a little achy and problems sleeping but when you get down around 60ml the fast tapers get ruff   get comfortable with the saying ....''you just got to be ok without being ok for a wile" your attitude is going to play a big role in how well you deal with this so try to keep a positive attitude..we have had members come off doses as high as 120 C/T
and make ant pritty but it is doable ...there are a few things you can do to help first off get to a walmart and pic up a 3 in one vitamin calcium/magnesium/zinc and start taking 4 in the morning and 4 with dinner this will cut down on how much withdrawal you feel look on the lower right of this screen and look up the thomas recipe and pick up the stuff recommended again this will at lest help you threw this...prepare yourself mentaly for this....for the next 14 days your not going to feel very good it will get progressively worst the lower in dose you go....once you jump off expect about 2 weeks of physical withdrawal ...then an energy crash that can be debilitating in itself...I dont know how long you will go with no sleep I detoxed off it right and it was around 2mo before I started to get back to normal sleep....the post withdrawal on methadone can last a wile it took me a good 90 days to start to come out of it and thats pritty typical ...I have helped others do this and it was the same for them ....this is a real challenge to your endurance just do your best try to eat right exercise and just know you eventually will get better...also I drink whey protein shakes there loaded with vitamins amino acids as well as the protein you this will help a lot with your recovery walmart carys it for 15 bucks for a 2lb can I drink 2 a day still and really felt like they helped bring me around early on...try not to get discouraged getting off methadone was one of the best decisions of my life I am sure you will feel the same after you recover keep posting for support your going to need it going threw this I will be in touch and there are others here that have gotten free of the stuff that will come along....good luck and may God be with you......Gnarly            
I have used methadone for pain...but never addicted to it.
Like has a long half life and wds last longer than with shorter acting meds like hydro or roxies.  WD can take up to 3 days to even start
The taper u describe seems drastic...and i am sorry they only offer u this one option.  A long slow taper is best...if u do it this out of signs of dehydration,,push fluids and take vitamins...u may need sumpin for sleep.
A physician is not allowed to prescribe methadone for addiction, but they can for pain.  The opposite is true with sub...  If there is a dr who can help u, i may go that avenue and do a slower taper.  I know a dr who is trained to do this...but u r somewhere else. If there is someone at the clinic who can help u with this, I may confide in them

Everyone is different and u may lick this easily...only being on methadone 6 mths is in your favor.  Lots of info in the health pages that can help as well
Do you mean a regular GP is not allowed to prescribe methadone for addiction and only pain?  Do you mean a addictiion specialist is needed to prescribe it for addiction in their place?  Just wondering,   THings may be different in the US compared to CAN.
I appreciate the support and damn fast comments. I am already having problems with the crohns so the wd scares me, I am damn skinny and have problems absolving nutrition and stuff normally due to untreated crohns for awhile.

For me the raw oc/perc wd symptoms earlier on were absolutely impossible to deal with, and im sure my other health problems contributed to the extreme harshness of it. I am doing somewhat better now with my regular health, sleeping much better with trazodone from my regular doctor. I work hard when possible outside and drink tons of water, otherwise mostly hang out on the computer and hang with a few tight friends. so i help at least having a taper helps.

Id prefer not too but if the lower doses and last days get too absolutely bad I have friends too turn too for some alt sources, but id much rather just stop for now and be done with it. Again later if the damn crohns forces me to go back it will be under actual pain mgmt doc and not a damn meth clinic heh.

If people keep telling stories and talking, ill keep reading, im online some time every day often a lot. It will almost certainly be this coming friday where my dose starts dropping, 20mg the first day. I know I wont even notice the first few days, i drink the liquid shakes here and there and take a one-a-day multivit already but ill look into the powder for cheaper mixing. 5-7 bux for the 6-packs are expensive so I dont ahave em too often heh. Should I drop a little in the meantime or just let it come, if you know, would knocking 20-40mg now help at all or just elongate the symtoms (symptoms)? What I know atm says just let it be till it starts, one extra week wont help and might make it worse but obviously first time doing this hehe.

Thanks guys, and for others, when you are ready or if it hits you when really unprepared like I am now, you arent alone! People are going through all kinds of addictions, ESPECIALLY pain medication stuff, all over the place. Half the people I know in the last 1-2 years have become addicted to oxy and mdone, regular peeps who never touched needles and stuff. I myself have never touched heroine in my life, closest was a 2mg dilotid shot at the hospital (usually less dose they so stingy), right after the surgery it was a bit higher but I was in too much agony to even notice. I almost with I did have some more enjoyment out of it to justify this coming pain.

I am keeping a positive attitude, largely with help and support of people online. Knowing and talking about it openly online is absolutely great. It is the same all over, believe me. I have some friends and family in NY, NJ, midwest, california. PKs and there effects are everywhere, seem to just be flowing out of nowhere. Surely the drug companies are making fortunes. Whether you are just having fun for a few too many days with friends and pick up a habit which gets out of hand fast (happens all the time every day), too people with real pain problems and trying to manage it as my case was, everyone eventually needs to stop. Very few lifetime users I imagine. Im still young and while a bit sick I am relatively strong and adaptive, I will try, and survive the best I can heh.

Online communities like this are far more help than you may realize so thank you. Sharing our experiences and such with eachother, just knowing so many others are out there dealing with the exact same issues, really makes you feel stronger and lets you know others are going through it, and others survived it and got better however long it takes.

I am 27 yrs old and live in Tampa Bay area of FL btw. I do not know if we are especially susceptible but oxys, roxys, percs, mdone, and other pk's are absolutely EVERYWHERE down here. When I was a teenager it was nothing like this, there was variety of drugs about, not all pks and some benzos all the time and everyone addicted, as now seems the case! I also keep in mind that some benzo addictions can be even worse, you can totally go crazy or seriously die so however bad it could be worse...
Btw my oc/perc withdrawl (withdrawal) experience was from a normal dose of 50-80mg+/day for months to zip for a whole day and night. only time I have raw withdrew like that and it was pure unadulterated unbearable agony. Every minute was like an hour, lying on the floor shaking sweating hardly able to move or stop moving, everything buzzing and shaking for almost 24H omg. For hours and hoursnI walked and walked around the block, tried to watch tv, finally just fell on the floor in agony shaking and buzzing out of control thinking I could take no more and would die. Finally scored the next morning and decided never cold turkey again like that!
I also atm do not have the funds to pay the clinic this coming week likely, it is a mistake somewhere it was already paid in advance and disappeared and i wont just pay again even if i could. I say that now anyway. Four months I paid, then was backpaid by medicaid, should have been 4 months positive on my account, and now its just "gone". Even though medicaid says it paid them the same time I paid them for 4 months.
Bill~    I truly feel for you. You're in a tough situation.  Gnarly gave you some good advice and he's a great resource person. Stay in contact with him for any questions.

I just want to emphasize the importance of good nutrition.  I know you're aware but it will make such a huge difference with withdrawals. Also,try to expect nothing...keep your head clear...and you may just be surprised!  Sometimes,things aren't nearly as bad as we think they'll be.  I hope this is the case with you.

Also,this is such a fast taper that I really urge you to get with your GP. He can help you
and you may need some medical support with B/P and weight checks etc...

Get yourself some OTC's :   Immodium,Nyquil without the decongestant,Hylands Restful Legs.  Hot baths are soothing and helpful.  Start forcing fluids: water and juices or gatorade.

Stay in touch...Lots of support here...
Quick update, I managed to avoid this by the skin of my teeth. The refund from par for the 3-4 months I paid in cash and medicaid retroactively paid again is being moved to my PAR account, giving me 3-4 months to either quit, or have a steady job to pay for it if I wish.\

As I do have a serious pain problem and I am again without insurance, I am very tempted to stick with it. I am going to start cutting down now anyway as I want to lower my dose, and then if by chance Im not working halfway through Ill just continue on down to nothing. I only found out I wasn't being rapid removed for failure to pay on thursday, and payday was friday, so I was still scared to death all week.

Either way I will not be going through that again, I know how lucky I got. Thanks again for all the information though, I know a lot more about what to expect. I imagine dropping 10mg a week will be much much easier to do than 10-20mg a day! =)

Medicaid for only 2 months was completely useless btw, found a GI specialist, had a bunch of tests done, and it ended before I even got my first prescription! The next appt for a new rx would have been 400 bucks cash, I called. Just for a short meet and a script Id then have to pay cash for, limiting severely what I can get... at least now I got the time at the clinic back, which was all I actually got out of the short time on medicaid.

Just so you can see how depraved this really is, now I am totally at the end of my ropes and must go back to work. very sick with Crohns or not. Once I am working, any disability app I file will be quickly rejected since Ill be working on the books, and you cannot get medicaid as an adult male without disability (declined 3 times already btw, with 0 reported income and a giant list of hospitalizations/surgeries/ect). Medicaid said the only reason I got on it this one time for the summer was because I had an open disability app under review. The ***** is I really dont even need disability, just medical help. No job I go to is giving insurance, and even if it is some pay every week insurance, the limits and deductibles still cost a fortune especially for something you need a GI specialist and lots of experimental meds for like Crohns. Medicaid was really my only chance.. =(

Now Im back to the old choice, since treatment is again out of reach.
A) stay on methadone to quiet the pain so I can be more effective at work, or
B) Quit methadone and be ready to deal with the full amount of pain and its side effects, which have already cost me a half a dozen jobs. Besides just being hunched over often with abdominal pain while standing, I have severe sleep and anxiety problems, issues with going to the bathroom either too often or for too long, and missed work on the worst days. At least I can mostly just ignore the pain and push through work while on a PK, and Mdone through the clinic is the only option I have access too atm. For awhile I bought them illegally, its much cheaper and more effective to just deal with the huge inconvenience going to the clinic every day is!!

Oh well, still, Im glad to be where I am now compared to last week. I do just wish that I was not so reliant on my drug, for so much more than just maintaining the addiction.
hey bill im glad they where able to work it out for you.....if your wise you will take this time to get off methadone slowly ....if you need a good taper I got mine from a neo/natal nurce that brings babys off heroin methadone oxy ext...if its safe enough for a baby it safe enough for us...I used it and got off 150ml in 8 1/2 mo or about 1/2 the time the clinic wanted to take
we no longer post tapers in the open forum but I can send it to you via the messenger if you like...getting off methadone was one of the best decisions of my life and would highly recommend it to will be a whole lot more doable over time good luck and God bless....Gnarly
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