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did i say i wasn't feeling w/d's.
i feel like **** i am trying to go down to 8 today.  
i thought maybe i was just going to go thru this without w/d's
i was praying, well what a joke.  i just took one of my girls to school and the other one i have to take in 20 min.

but then i get to take care of my 1 year old.
i hope my husband gets back early today.

i am on the toilet while my baby is laughing and trying to flush his toys.  God I love that baby, it does help when he smiles he so damn beautiful.  

laughfter is the best medicine.

did i mention i have a house full of people tiling my house.  there down stairs they must here the toilet flushing 5 times a minute.  oh what a wonderful day this is going to be.


i knew it was to good to be true.  but i am going to try to stay on 8 pills, but maybe longer than 4 days.
i think i will let my body get use to it anyone no how long before that is.
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Why not do 10...YOu dropped 4 pills out at a time... This was bound to happen... 10 then 8. Tapering too fast can set you up for failure..
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Girl, I'm so sorry.  I don't know, but hopefully it will adjust quickly!  I understand about the whole toilet thing.  IMMODIUM!!!!  It's a miracle drug and not addictive!  :-}

Hang in there.  It will get better.

Avatar n tn
For me Tappering was for the birds,  I still had terrible withdrawls.
So I just took my last 5 vicodin and I'm ready for the real deal!
We can do it togather!!
I would say, flush your remaining pills, but I know for me that was just not doable.
I had to run out.  YEA, I'm out!!
Bring it on!

(Someone remind me I said bring it on, tomororw, I may not feel that way!!)
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I could never taper either. But, if you can taper, then take it a little slower. I know you want to get finished, but loosing 4 pills can be a drastic drop. I've hear 10 percent every 4 days. That would be about 2 pills...
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