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Oxy Withdrawals
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Oxy Withdrawals

I've been using 30-40mg of Oxy for 6 weeks, and now I must stop.
I have Tramadol, Ativan, Naproxen, all of which was provided by my doctor for a self-administered detox.
I will take 50mg of Tramadol 4 times per day - total of 200mg per day.
I will take 1mg of Ativan 2 times per day, and 2mg 1 time per day (at night) - total 3mg.
I am scared as ****. I mean, I've kicked heroin before, so this should be much easier but stilI, I know it will suck.
Especially since I built 3 years worth of recovery (work, activities, family, hobbies, service, sponsees), and going through withdrawls without being able to lock myself up for a bit wont be easy. I hope I can get it together, I don't to end up like last time.

I need suggestions, any and all suggestions will be appreciated..
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199177 tn?1332183097
30 to 40 mgs of oxy is a very small amount .Tramadol is highly addicting and if you take to much it can cause seizures  and the WD off tram is Hell .ativan is addicting as well and it can come with seizures if you are on it for any length of time  if you dint do a very slow taper .
I would taper down off the oxy or for that matter your on low enough dose to CT ask your doctor for some clonidine and something like zanaflex neither are addicting and are very helpful for WD.I can not believe he prescribed you these things for such a small amount of oxys .good luck let us know how it goes,
401095 tn?1351395370
Agree with avisg..I am happy u made a plan..but ur plan consists of NO NO drugs that may be worse than the 30-40 mgs of oxy u r trying to stop

3 mgs of Ativan per day is comparison if someone tole me they took 3 mgs of ativan and 30-40 mgs of oxy, I would say the benzo habit/the ativan/is the bigger addiction of the 2,,then u ad trams which is an addictive med..tram has a narcotic aspect to it even tho classified as non-narcotic and have a friend still in a hospital bed as we speak due to tram abuse.....if i wwere gonna stop i would save the ativan for last as it has to be slowly tapered at a dose of 3 mgs daily...get rid of the oxy and trams then work on the ativan...

not meaning to scare u but ur drugs that u r putting on the back burner are actually the ones that may bite u in the butt...stopping narcs and continuing to take a synthetic narc like tram is just not usually gonna work for most addicts long term///both have to go bye bye or ur tram dose will probably creep up..and up ..and up to cover the oxy u stopped...200 mgs of tram is not abuse but if u have been on them for a while at 200 mgs a day religioulsy, i would still take a month or so to taper down the trams

Then as a rule..a cross user of narcs and benos stops the benzo last cos it does help with narc wd if used in small amounts...3 mgs of ativan a day is not a small amount but if it is what u r used to then get thru the narcs and narcotic-like drugs u r taking...then tackle the bezo

What exactly do u feel u r addicted to?  the oxy, the benzo, or the trams?  which one is hardest to put down?  remeber trams and benzos have to be tapered/best with rur DRs supervision...the oxy can be stopped ct

keep posting
Then u have the benzos to deal with...u r at a fairly big dose at 3 mgs....more than the norm for sure
1132915 tn?1260380696
Thank you for all the information and valuable suggestions.

The only drug I am addicted to is Oxy. I've been consuming 30-40mg of Oxy on a daily basis for 6 weeks. Because of the nature of my work, I cannot be seen in a detox clinic, so my doctor prescribed me Ativan and Tramadol for a self-administered detox. But, I have yet to begin it.

Currently, I need to put down the Oxy. What options do I have? Any suggestions on how I can taper of the Oxys, and which medicine can compliment this process as to make my withdrawals softer?

My doctor is flexible and is open to suggestions for medicine. He is doing the best he can with me, and although he did mention the risk of becoming addicted to Ativan and Tramadol, he also explained how he will slowly take me off it. Does this make sense?

My goal: No addictions, but I would not mind using medicine that will aid in the withdrawal process.

Oh, I almost forgot, my doctor also gave me a script for Wellbutrin - have not begun to take these either.

230262 tn?1316649534
Toss the tramadol! Thats insane you were given that to help detox off a small oxy dose. That'd be like having an alcoholic trying to quit whiskey and giving them a 36 pack of beer to drink instead. Seriously. You're just playing with fire. YOu may THINK its ok because youre "only addicted to oxy" but Ive seen it here a million times...people cross addictions/swapping addiction. Many have gotten hooked on xanax because they used that originally as a tool to get off opiates. and MANY have fallen into the pitfall of tramadol. Its so underestimated by health practicioners. Most doctors dont think its addicting. Most dont seem to understand its side effects, and most do not understand what happens to people when they stop taking it (seizures are a very serious risk). ALso, you should read a post by a woman here named "Worried" about her friend who has been in the ICU for about 2 weeks now due to tramadol. Do a search about tramadol here, read the horror stories. In many ways its actually a worse drug to come off of than regular opiates. Its not only a synthetic opoiod, it also has an antidepressant effect which makes it hard to get off of.
So i really hope you do your homework before doing anything. I honestly think a CT would work for you, youre so low of a dose. Or if you are able to employ a taper then do so. Most of us couldnt do that. If we could control our intake, we wouldnt be here in the first place.  GOod luck to you and keep reading and posting here.
1124967 tn?1283709447
I am addicted to oxy myself and new to this forum but would like to comment regarding your oxy addiction out of concern.  I would highly recommend taking the advice from all the others above.  I have had a few surgerys in my lifetime that provided me with oxy for the same duration of time you have been taking and the same dosage.  If you stop now and go at it cold turkey you will probably not go through any major WD's.  You may just want to try that for a few days and not even add any of that other stuff to the mix.  If anything, and I am new to this and not a Dr, I may suggest taking 1mg of ativan at night to sleep and that is all.  I know ativan too is highly addictive and you don't want to mess with that either.  Since it has been only six wks your body will probably adjust pretty well if you stop now.  And like one stated above, you could even taper down and possibly have no WD symptoms at all.  Best of luck to you.  You can do this.  Take care and keep us posted.  
1124967 tn?1283709447
Just would like to add that everyones body is different and some don't experience all of the same symptoms.  For me in the past if I did not use for more than 4-6 wks then the only thing i ever experienced was some tiredness and maybe a little irritable.  Take care.
1132915 tn?1260380696
Thank you for all the enlightening comments.

Does anyone have a method to taper-off a 40mg/per day, Oxy addiction? By how much would I have to decrease my dosage, and for how long, until I'm down to maybe 5mg, 2.5mg, or even 0mg per day?

I have researched both Tramadol and Ativan, and they certainly seem risky. I am inclined to try tapering off, so if anyone has a method, I will surely try it.

I am starting today..

Day 1: 20mg of Oxy today, and 1mg of Ativan - no tramadol.
1128749 tn?1260567794
Hey there!
I am currently coming off of Oxys too and I am tapering. I set up a calender that I have to abide by. I was taking 70mg a day for a year and a half.  Last week I had no choice but to make the drop from that to 20mg a day. The first four days were hell. Literally. But by that fourth day I started to feel better. Now I am on day two of my tapering and I am going down 2.5mg every three days. I really hope that will keep me from withdrawling... too much anyways. I'm also having to make to move from taking my pills intranasally to orally. That will be a tapering process as well...
Good luck! Lets do this together and have great sucess stories! My first day clean WILL be January 1st! Just stay excited about being drug free!!!!
1123583 tn?1260165937
"I am inclined to try tapering off,"

Of course you are. That way, you don't have to quit just yet. That's the addict talking. Take my advice: don't take another oxy. 30-40 mgs for 6 weeks? Unless you've been bangin em, your withdrawals will be very tolerable.

Consider yourself lucky, throw the other drugs away, and rough it out. You might be a little tired and sore for a few days. THIS IS NOTHING COMPARED TO WHAT LAYS AHEAD OF YOU IF YOU KEEP GOING OR GET ADDICTED TO SOMETHING ELSE TRYING TO KICK A 6 WEEK HABIT.

You got to be high for 6 weeks now pay your dues and be sore for a couple days. You've kicked heroin and now you have 4 prescriptions and you're on a website asking for advice? Jesus Christ dude. I hate to be the bad guy but someone needs to say it.

You just need to man up. You want to be off of them? Flush em, along with everything else. You might **** liquid a couple times, you might sweat a little, you might lose a little sleep. You can spend your time awake writing me a "thank you for being real with me" card.


Dude, it's really not that bad.
1132915 tn?1260380696
Neeshysman, I appreciate your post as much as I appreciate all others. I am especially encouraged by your personal battle with this drug, and your determination to quit without the use of other meds is inspiring. Dude, no one in this forum is judging you, and you are free to express yourself freely without being apologetic. I personally find much value in your suggestions.

Now, I hope you don't feel my posts are stealing your thunder. Yes. As you can see, I've noticed your latest agenda -  take 2 weeks of work, drive hours away to Sedona, quit Oxy's CT, and blog about it daily - "tune in!", right?. Kinda like that movie.. Julie & Julia?.. or maybe the other way around. Now, that is manning up!

Anyway, in my case, I don't think it is a matter of valor, rather the desire to avoid discomfort - due to my career I cannot affort to be away from current/potential clients - but I have come to realize this is altogether unlikely. Recently, I came across an article that suggested going CT also, "feeling and embracing the pain, as you kiss it goodbye".
1132915 tn?1260380696
My sobriety data is Dic 18. It took a little longer than expected to kick it but i finally did it. Ive wanted to use a lot, the cravings have been incredible, the back pain, the insomnia, the sweats, all have made me think about crap i put myself through. Its interesting how easily i had forgotten what i learned in the program, that i have no control and that sooner or later i will go back to the same places. what makes me think i can use with success, when that has never been the case? i know i have a long way to go, something obviously was overlooked when practicing my recovery, i know my relapse isnt simply due to the fact that im an addict. i must understand why this happened if i am to avoid it in the future.

Im still feeling tired and with minor aches, but im hopeful. I am also grateful that I was able to stop and that it didnt end like last time. To this day, no one knows i have relapsed, i wonder if they ever will. Right now, i cannot cope with the disappointment that would bring, but i will if necessary.

Writing about this has helped a lot...Thank you all for you comments
Avatar f tn
I am through my first 48 hours of IR withdraw. I was up to 10/30MG a day for, well a long time. I have relapsesd and detoxed sooooo many times that you would think I would have it under controll by now. I have been reading some older post and newer ones too and I think that this a a wonderful tool in our recovery. I have been on and off opiates for the last four years. I have been on the Suboxone train, the Methadone train and now I am on the cold turkey train. I must say that this is the best way. No~not easy, but BEST. I pray that this time is it for me to be the best for my 7 yo daughter and my husband. For all of you out there, God bless you each and every one and may your journey of recovery be full of lessons and laughter. Its not the days of being clean but how we live them and what we allow into our worlds that counts.

I am able to detox CT by taking lots of vit and hot baths. I have been smoking some pot and that helps too. All in all I have been talking a lot to God and asking Him to help me through this and He is helping me. Just put your mind to it and it can be done. Merry Christmas to All and may the new year be full of love and happiness and health with out Ops~~
1123583 tn?1260165937
Good job man.

You mentioned embracing the pain, kissing it goodbye. I wrote something similiar to a member here.....

"It is a terrible feeling but it is necessary. It it weren't so difficult, there would be nothing stopping us from continuing to use and probably living the rest of our lives like this.
The pain we must endure will help us to become stronger, to have the strength to say no whenever the need to do so arises in the future, which it inevitably will."

My advice to you was sound. If you get off easy, or "avoid discomfort" as you put it, what did you really learn. The pain is the lesson, anyone wanting to avoid it isn't getting the big picture.

Really proud of ya man. That **** was rough for me, hope you made out a little better. And I'm glad you listened to me. Now I hope others will see that CT is the way to go AND STOP FEEDING MORE AND MORE AND MORE AND MORE OF THEIR HARD EARNED MONEY TO PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES!!!!

Bad enough they got us hooked, we gotta pay them for the cure too?!?!

24 days clean, woot woot!!!
1171817 tn?1281635780
Going CT,,,,,Day 5 of no sleep, coming off oxi, soma, tranadol. It's a crazy ride for sure.

Man what I would do for the sleep I had when I was 5+ years sober! In 2001 I was almost dead from eating 40-60 pills a day and was lucky to hold down a cracker or two for my daily intake of food. I was lost physically, spiritually & emotionally bankrupt. But God got me to a treatment center in 2001 and I hung with Him clean & sober for almost 6 years. He took me places I have never seen in those years of sobriety, success, marriage, family & friends.

What the heck was I thinking doing dope again? HUH??

I forgot the absolute desperation of the spiritual & emotional pain associated with doing dope again. My wife filed for divorce when she found out I relapsed.  Now I am dopesick!!  So now my plight is  to get out of bed 4 time a night to dry off with a towel cuz of the sweat that is coming out of me like niagra falls, the craps arrived in full force, head buzzing, weak as a kitten, stomach in gut wrencing knots.  

Good old pain & paid quack / doc's that dole it out. If you got the cash they have a pill for everything.

It's my own fault, I did it to myself. But I wanted to post this because I have been at work during my whole detox reading message boards for inspiration to keep doin' the R thing. U NO the deal. Thanks to all who post here because we are like the survivors of the Hudson River plane crash once we reach sobriety. Together we can do it,,,, we can do it alone. One more thing,,,, God loves all of mankind, whether black, while yellow or red He has the strenght to answer any prayer. If you are out there suffering like me I would encourage you to ask God for His healing power and watch Him use others on this board for help.  You can do it and so can I.  Maybe some sleep tonight who knows.  Peace to all.

1173332 tn?1263661730
Stick to it! I have come off sooooo many drugs, and now it's Tramadol. Don't ask, I don't know why, either! But I just wanted to say I know how much w/ds hurt and that I will be thinking of you. ***FaeRae
Avatar m tn
I have a question, I am currently prescribed 2, 5mg Oxycodone three times a day, as well as 600 mg of Neurontin 3 times a day.  I have been on this regiment for about 3 months now.  Prior to that I was prescribed a high enough dosage of Hydrocodone that my liver enzyme count shot up.  

My background; 2 spinal surgeries, the last with nuts and bolts a few years ago.  Last MRI and CT Scan show disc is herniated again.  Along with  one more lower lumbar herniation, 2 in the T-spine, and one in the neck.  I've got permanent nerve damage in the lower lumbar, stenosis, and arthritis.  I am in constant pain.  The pain regiment I am on now is barely cutting it.  I really don't want to be on pills for the rest of my life.  Especially with the way the VA just hands them out like candy.  

My last VA doctor told me that if I just eat lots of green leafy veggies and less processed foods, my back will heal itself and I'll never need pain meds again.  Despite the fact that another VA doc advised that I'm looking at another spinal surgery in my not so distant future.  I don't eat a lot of processed foods, and try to eat healthy.  

Does anyone in here who has dealt with chronic pain have any advice for me?  Marijuana is legal in my state and I've thought about giving it a try.  But I am not sure and don't want to try that and have it adversely affect my health given the meds that I am already on.  Any advice would be helpful.  I know that no matter what, I'm going to have to deal with some amount of pain, but I'd like to ease it up if at all possible without narcotics.  

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