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Oxycontin... the monster
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Oxycontin... the monster

I'm new to these forums, due unfortunately to the worst weekend of my entire life.
This drug (Oxycontin) seems like a monster!
I have suffered chronic back pain for the past 10 months. The pain is almost unbearable at times.
After all else failed, my GP prescribed me 40mg oxycontin daily.
Wonder of wonders!!! they worked and I was almost pain free for a couple of weeks.
After 6 weeks, they didn't work so well, and I was on the brink of going back to the GP to have my dose increased.
A few wees ago, I ran out and ordered an emergency prescription.
Cutting a very long story short, my husband forgot to pick up the prescription so I had to wait and go without the drug all weekend.
Within 24 hours I was shaking, couldn't breathe, coughing, shivers chills, terrible body pains the lot.
Basically, I realised I was suffering withdrawal symptoms.
I had the worst weekend of my life and have never felt so ill.
If I had an oxycontin in the house, I would have taken the damn thing to make me feel better and for these awful symptoms to go away.

While checking the withdrawal symptoms for the monster drug, I came across an old forum linked to this site, full of what I can only describe as a forum of ' lost souls' :(
As well as drug abusers, whom I felt very sorry for, many were genuinbe back pain sufferers like me...  housewives with children, and husbands who were given oxycontin for genuine back pain.
They were all pitifully addicted to this drug and had no or little  hope of getting off it.

Their lives were in ruins and they had no hope.

The withdrawal symptoms that hit me after 6 shorts weeks of use, were monsterous.
These poor 'lost souls' were on a higher dose than me, and had no hope of quitting.
The thread made me cry :(

Needless to say, after doing my cold turkey, I have not gone back on the tablets and am suffering pain terribly again and my quality of life is zero sometimes.

Please please stop taking Oxycontin if you can.... it's a monster drug and highly addictive.
Don't end up suffering like me and the forum of lost souls.
I sencerely hope you all manage to find some alternative.
Kindest regards

p.s. I do understand the we are all different, some people may be able to tolerate this narcotic and not suffer any withdrawals.
If I had not found this old forum, a year down the line and probably on a much higher dosage, I know I would have become one of these lost souls :)
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My wife has been taking it for a couple years...generally 20mg 2x day and a percocet or 2 as prescribed.  She's addicted and her doctor has essentially shut her off, and she is in genuine pain between results of breast reconstruction surger (latflap) that has left her in pain, and degenerative disk disease in her neck.  Her last script was enough to last her til tomorrow when she sees a pain clinic (at the direction of her doctor) and who knows what they're gonna do.  I suspect they'll not cut her off cold turkey.  They definitely are monsters.  I've seen her in withdrawl (withdrawal) when she's run out early. and I also see the pain she's in.    

Guess we'll find out tomorrow what's next for her.  She wants off the pills, but I know she can't be shut off cold turkey.  My fear is they're going to offer her methadone or something and I told her under no circumstances get on that stuff.

Hi Jim
My heart has gone out to you and your wife. I am far from an Oxycontin expert, simply someone who found out the horrors of this narcotic before it was too late.

Under no circumstances can the pain clinic cut her off Oxycontin.
Methadone? Isn't that more addictive then many others?
Out of the frying pan and into the fire??

She must be weaned off Oxycontin very gradually over a period of time. It would be cruel if they did otherwise, and your wife could be very ill suffering withdrawal symptoms.

Stick to your guns Jim and give her the support she needs, also don't be afraid to stand up to the experts and put your foot down..... in a nice way lol

Please give her my best wishes, tell her it can be beaten and please let me know how tomorrow goes?

Layne walking round with a hot water bottle attached to her back to ease the pain :)

Thank you, Layne...she plans on sticking to her guns and I'm sure the pain clinic is aware..I'm a bit nervous about it, I guess.  More nervous than she.  I just know she's in a lot of pain just about every day and can't function without the meds...That I've witnessed many times..I'm there to support her, of course.  I'll be taking the time off or work to go with her.  She's seen me kick my vicodin habit (23 days!) and would like to kick this point, however, she needs the meds.  Right now I think she has enough to last through tomorrow.

I think it's always harder to deal with the pain a loved one is suffering than your own personal pain.
I can undrstand you being nervous, but you being there for your wife is the biggest tonic she could have.
Your love, help and support will help her beat this.
You sound a pretty strong person, and you may need to be strong enough for both of you.
(Not an easy task).

I know it sounds silly, but I try mind over matter and try to work through my back pain.
I am even off the Ibuprophen and Paracetamol at the moment and trying a herbal remedy White Willow Bark and permanent hot waterbottles strapped to my back.
It's agony yes, but better than being addicted to Oxycontin for the rest of my life.
I would rather suffer this pain than ever go through those withdrawal symptoms ever again.

My very best wishes for you both for tomorrow.

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