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Pain in My Scalp From Heavy Cocaine Use for 6 to 8 months
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Pain in My Scalp From Heavy Cocaine Use for 6 to 8 months

I was hust recently seperated when my wife ran off with my two kids for a millionaire. She left me and the dog and $20 bucks!  She had set it all up weeks prior and I had no clue...took the cash, cars, moving trucks for the furniture. Home was in her name and she forclosed just so I wouldnt be able to stay there (it was in her name only because I was trying to rebuild her credit for her when we purchased it). She is even rarely letting me see my only son...trying to make this new man his dad. She has unlimited resources now so its been a huge battle for just a few days a month with him for visitation. These are my stupid excuses. I am picking up the pieces but am lonely and returned to using coke after stopping for 7 years (prior I only used weekends for a year maybe). To cover up these problems and feelings I mentioned I am really going hard doing  1 to 1.5 grams daily...more and more...and more. Its scarey. My nose is being destroyed and I have severe pain that slowly goes away if and when I sleep or dont use for short periods of time..a day or less. between the nstrals...cartiledge is thining but no holes that I can see or feel. Although my main concern now is with my scalp. the top and midway down all the way around my head is sore or painful to each hair folicle hurts. I have other pains in and about my head, ears and nose and occasionally my mouth which I need some dental work done anyway...possibly tooth aches or I have probelms with my teeth...root canals have been done, caveties...etc.  But this scalp thing freaks me out as it leads me to believe I have nerve damage or something????? My biggest fear is that it wont go away. My use got more frequent and I have switched sides when sniffing the before it was just 1 side that hurt both sides of scalp. I have been taking tons of Ibuprofin, tylenol, deal with the pains (problematic in itself) but nothing has helped alot with my self...its been hurting little by little for a few weeks now. ANybody have any info on this...please let me know whats happening. Im scared of what Ive done. I have a new girl who says she will do anything to help me and not leave my my depression is subsiding. She has no idea what her precense has meant...shes an angel. So I want to fix this to live long for my son and so her efforts are not in vein...and for me who is smarter than this. Someone please give insight if you are able. Thanks for any help.
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Hi and welcome to the forum.
I am very sorry for what you are going thru with your son. I am no expert in coke but boy, do you need to stop. I know coke is one of the most mentally addicting drug but as you said you need to do this for you and your son, really.
There's a lot of ex-coke addicts on here that are gonna give you much more valuable information than I will ever be able to. I just wanted to show you my support coz it's a little slow so late at night, hang in there, you can do this.
Best of luck to you.
so if you could resolve issues, you would still want to use.

man look at what you said,  you know its on the verge of destroying your nasal cavity, WTF ???

coke is the biggest joke there ever was, junk drug, thats flat out not worth it.  you need to shake it off fast.
Honey I feel for your BUT ya know ya got a PROBLEM!!  (Plus the fact that YOU already have a new Girlfriend?,.,,,, whats up with that?)  

When I was GETTIN' CLEAN  I was blessed enough to have the support of my husband, my son AND my Mom... that helped me sooooo much... Ya kinda need a SUPPORT SYSTEM  in place...

Not sure how old your son is but I'll mention this..

Don't ya wanna BE THERE for him when he graduates?

Don't ya wanna be there when he goes to college..

don't ya wanna be there when he gets married?????

And.... (BIG ONE here) DON' YA WANNA be a GRANDPA someday???

At the rate you are going it doesn't seem like an option...

Plus.... gosh only knows what the HECK they are cutting the coke with these days... (profit to the dealers)

So with that said.. and I didn't mean to sound so MEAN.. BUT ya just gotta get a grip here...

Just look in your son's eyes.... that's a  HUGE part of WHO YOU ARE... A good person!  AND... always remember that EVERYDAY THAT YOU DON'T USE IS A BETTER DAY THAN WHEN YA DO!

Love, Hugs and Prayers your way... and keep on posting cus we're all out here for you!
*Been there DONE THAT!
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