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Positive creativity
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Positive creativity

My mind can't reach my soul right now,
There is a fog that keeps it away.
No one know the pain I don't feel,
My little round friend keeps it at bay.

But I want out, to be friends no more,
If my mind could only hear what I say.
Looking for him, feeling for light,
I keep inching closer, he keeps moving away.

Today I'll be coy and hatch me a plan,
Without the pills, I'll sneak up on my mind.
The fog is clearing, what's that I see,
These chains of addiction, I'm leaving behind.

Back in control of body and mind,
Living the life I had planned before.
By leaving this "friend" in his own hell,
I've become free and settled the score.
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Avatar f tn
That was great. I am only 3 days clean without my "friends" the pills. And I am really having to fight because I miss them. Thanks the poem helped.
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great poem chad....i can soo relate to it...thats a big part of my problem...i miss it....

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