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Restless Legs, Permanent Damage?
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Restless Legs, Permanent Damage?

Hello, I'm the husband that Heartbrokenwife asked for help with on 12/4. We found some excellent help here, THANK YOU!!!! I was using for 1 yr, Hydrocodone/Oxycontin mostly,  prescription doses, till sept/oct when I went as high as 8-10 Hydrocodone 10's/day. I spent most of Nov on Suboxone tapered to 1/4-1/2 a pill a day. When I ran out I found out Sub is an opiate... w/d time!!!  I'm on my 5th day of W/D and mostly fine but still can't sleep because of my legs. I feel fine all day then when I lay down at night my legs start tweaking out. I've tried Tylenol PM, muscle relaxers, etc. but just can't get them to rest.

My question is: could I have permanently damage some nerves? Will the legs get better? HELP, I'm going nuts from lack of sleep.

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Hi Scott!

Good to hear from you. I doubt it is permanent damage. It IS a symptom of withdrawal. If you want to be certain, wait a week and get a check up. I would recommend it anyway--with blood work.

I hope you make it buddy. Keep up the good work!!
The restless leg business was awful.  However, virtually everyone that spends any time in active addiction gets it and it does go away.  Just don't use again (no matter what).

Try melatonin and 5-HTP for sleep.  I would strongly suggest avoiding (like the plague) anything like Tylenol PM, muscle relaxers, etc. -- anything (OTC or otherwise) that speeds you up or slows you down.  Those are mood altering drugs and they tend to keep addiction active or, later, to reactivate it.

If you need Rx help to get through wd, then it should be with the assistance of a doctor - one trained in addiction/Recovery.

Otherwise, you might take a look at: End Your Addiction Now, by Charles Gant; Seven Weeks to Sobriety, by Joan Larson; and The Mood Cure, by Julia Ross.  These three are good for helping to get clean.  For some extra help on the staying clean side (which is the tougher side), you might take a look at: Staying Clean & Sober, by Miller and Miller; and Staying Sober, by Gorski & Miller.

A must-read portion of Staying Sober is about PAWS and is available on-line: see   PAWS stands for Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome, which is the unexpected virtual brick wall that many new to Recovery are quite surprised to hit in recurring cycles (30, 60, 90, 120 days . . .) after they think they put their problem behind them.  It's not that big a deal if you're aware of and ready for PAWS.  However, it is responsible for sending many who are unaware (me, for one) back to square-one, time after time ater time.

Another thing that may help is frequent attendence at 12 Step meetings - I go to AA, even though my past problems with alcohol were minor when compared to the drug problems.  Try 90 meetings in 90 days.  Getting to that 90 day mark is very significant, and it doesn't hurt to have ALL the help you can get.  A recent article in Time noted: "One important discovery: evidence is building to support the 90-day rehabilitation model, which was stumbled upon by AA (new members are advised to attend a meeting a day for the first 90 days) and is the duration of a typical stint in a drug-treatment program. It turns out that this is just about how long it takes for the brain to reset itself and shake off the immediate influence of a drug."  

Good Luck

Day 915
You'll be OK!
I was on presciption Tylenol #3 with codeine for a few years. I went off when I got pregnant. At the time I went off I was only taking 1 a day, and I took a couple weeks to taper off 1. STILL had the restless legs. I got on this website and found out it is SO normal, and expected. But mine took longer to go away.  Since I was pregnant I couldn't take any thing to help through it. It was so crazy,... the moving at night, the marching up and down our steps, the kicking. It all started in the evening and would be gone by day. It just takes time. And rest assured, no one could take longer than mine, it seems. Everyone on this sight said it would be a week or two or three. But I got through it and it took months to completely go away. It feels like your bone marrow is swimming!

Now 5 years later, I happened to have surgery in the hospital. I was there for 1 week, and my first night home I had restless legs right away. Now this time it only took 1 maddening week. But my body got "readdicted" just from the surgery pain meds in that one week, so becareful about future use of it again. Your body recognises it, and grabs onto it!
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