Ultram an alternative to Hydrocodone?
by Lynchmob, Aug 07, 2008
My husband has been battling with serious back problems (three surgerys) and has been taking Lortab 10s and Percocet along with Soma for pain.  He is still having pain and does not want to get addicted to pain meds..So the doctor has prescribed Ultram. Did he just trade one evil for another??
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by broknbck, Aug 07, 2008
I have heard many say that it is harder to get off of even.
by fedup4now, Aug 07, 2008
I have been addicted to other pain meds, and same thing - my Dr prescribed tramadol (ultram) because it was "non addictive".
Non addictive my a$$!  I started out at about 50mg 3 - 4 times a day 2 years ago, and I am now up to 800mg.  I have tried to stop, but the depression etc that came with that was brutal.  I have ct off oxy and did not find it as bad!
I have no idea how dr's can still see this drug as non addictive - it just blows me away!  
by Vicotram, Aug 07, 2008
l agree with all the above for me this is the hardest drug to get off i'm only on day 6 again but it's the mental/depression that gets me with this drug and it's very addictive, good luck to you and your husband.
by GoingToMakeIt, Aug 07, 2008
No, he just traded for a worse evil. Ultram is very addictive and the withdrawals are horrendous. It is a synthetic opiate. Oh and you should always taper off of Trams due to seizures.
by janet08, Aug 07, 2008
My husband is on it as well (6 back surgeries). He also drinks with it. We have no life and he is constantly talking suicide. Don't know what to do for him since he refuses to get help. I feel like I'm living in a nightmare just waiting for him to stop breathing. I'm afraid to wake up because I don't know if he will be alive or dead in the bed.
by Sunnyd210, Aug 07, 2008
ULTRAM IS EVIL!!! Stay away from it I was even addicted to it and had w/d coming off it.
by avisg, Aug 07, 2008
tram is very addicting plz stay away from it
by Sunnyd210, Aug 07, 2008
Ohh I meant to say wasnt addicted to them sorry lol.
by johnnykelly, Aug 07, 2008
Hi these are non-narcotic,its possible to become PSYCHOLOGICALLY addicted,as you can tell from some of your responses.Addicts are cady ***** in a lot of ways,they drop a pill or two and complain their in massive withdrawl,although they are still taking 8 .the same goes for people on methadone their a 60mgs and drop 10 and start crying. I think you should make your own assessments as your experienced.