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What happens after suboxone...
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What happens after suboxone...

It's been a while since I said anything, I was in pretty bad shape and went to the hospital two weeks ago. My doctor then puts me on Roxycodone but they are impossible to find and so expensive to buy.I've been on the patch oxycontin, lortabs, vicodins, you name it and I've taken it, except methadone. Since I've been wanting to get off the meds I asked my doctor for the percocet 10 mg, but then I was taking up to 10 sometimes 14 pills a day.  I know what you're thinking but it wasn't about feeling good cause you know you don't get buzzed after you've been on them forever, but I would just take them until the pain would stop....
Any how, I went to a function on Saturday and (the funny thing was that on the day before I was praying for guidance) I saw this older disoriented lady wearing a patch, I don't want to be on meds for the rest of my life, I think I've been pretty open about that too.... so I flushed my pills down the toilet on Saturday night and tried to do the cold turkey thing, I couldn't do it. I felt so bad for my three year old because she was trying to talk to me and I didn't have the energy to even reply. I slept all day and took xanax for the anxiety, so the next day (today) I went to the doctor and he gave me suboxone. I feel o.k now, but I am really scared, what about my back pain... right now I feel better mentally but my back is so sore and burning, I don't have too much feeling on my left leg. I guess I'll deal with that, but what happens when I get off the suboxone, will I have withdrawal symptoms then...
Please keep me in your prayers...  I am a single parent and can't take days off from work, that's a whole nother story (lol)
Thanks Guys!!!
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You well have severe WD symptoms from Sub.  Your doctor should taper your dose down when you are ready to get off medications.  It sounds like you have some sort of chronic pain problem?  If so doctors use Sub so you will not need other opiates to control your pain and not so much to get you "clean".  Next time you decide to get off medications I would go to your doctor and talk about a plan first.  Hope you feel better soon.
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There have been a  lot of conflict about how severe withdrawals will be for everyone. Not everyone will have severe withdrawals leaving suboxone. Read the literature. Not one place does it say you will have severe withdrawals from suboxone. I am not sure if you used it chronicmistake, and even if you story is but please don't scare people away. Suboxone is still a drug yes. I have heard as many good stories about getting off suboxone as I have heard horror stories.

I am not trying to be unfair here or cause and argument, just wanting to be fair. I started listening to suboxone withdrawal horror stories and scared me off suboxone. Well I almost OD before I started suboxone. For now suboxone is saving my life and give me more of a life back. I truly think I would be dead today without it.
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Sub is not something you should just quit. It should be used to help you live a 'clean' life style. Then your Dr should slowly taper you off .
1428440 tn?1287393979
Thats right goingtomakeit, I am trying to live a clean life style. And yes the doc taper you off. As for the pain your doctor should find other ways to help you cope with pain or find a doctor for you that can.

I found the benefits could outweigh the risks. I think suboxone was a good choice lett123. If it helps you start building a better life for you and give your 3yr old a chance to have her mommy. Your doctor should help you find other ways to deal with the pain and if he can't he should find you a doctor that can.

Don't worry about the taper off and how bad the withdrawals will be. Use the time you are not so miserable to learn how to live a healthier lifestyle. Only you and your doctor can decide how long your treatment will last.

There are just as many good withdrawal stories out there as those who say the withdrawals severe. The doctor will tell you when its time to taper down and how to taper to down.

Good luck to you and that little 3 yr old.
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Suboxone is starting to be prescribe more and more for pain here in the US. It has been used for quite some time in Europe for chronic pain. With sub if using for pain it works better in lower doses. If used for addiction it works better in higher doses. It has to do with the chemical makeup.
Do know that there are usually withdrawals from sub. So if you and your doctor ever decide it's time to get off of it make sure to taper very slow and to a very small amount. Most taper down to crumbs in the end. It just goes to show how strong sub really is.
I too suffer with back pain caused by a herniated disc. I also suffer from sciatica due to scar tissue buildup hitting my sciatica nerve from surgery. While on the pills it seemed like I was always in pain. Once I quit the narcotics I found out that most of the time my pain can be treated with over the counter meds. I also keep up on stretching exercises that my physical therapist recommended.
Since you just started sub it may take some time for your body to adjust. In a week or two you may find out that it is helping your pain.
Be sure to read up about sub.
I can recommend another forum where someone is taking sub for pain. She may be able to help answer any questions you may have. If you would like to know it just let me know.
Best of luck!

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there is a 21 day rule with sub//but we r all different...if u get on off the sub quickly, there is a chance u will not have severe wds from it..ask ur dr to taper u now if being narcotic free is ur goal
u can use it as a drug to help wds...or it can be used as a maintenence drug like methadone long term.  If u have chronic pain and need a long term drug for pain, methadone is by far a better choice.  Tho both sub and methadone are strong narcotics, with methadone having much more pain relief than sub
It sounds as if u wanna be narcotic free and that is good.  Narcs only interrupt the signals of pain to the brain and have no direct pain relief like ice, heat, ant-inflammatories, stretching, massage etc.  Narcs only make u not "care" so much thaT U R IN PAIN
If ur goal is to be narcotic free and u do not want to wd from sub...i would ask my dr to be sure to taper me off within 3 weeks.
You never stated if u were an addict or not?   meaning mentally addicted as well?
Aftercare is crucial if u r.....if u feel normal on the sub there is a chance u r an addict as sub has very little pain relief mainly helps the brain by filling up the receptor sites narcotics fill to make u feel mentally normal....for those on a low dose of narcotics beforehand, it can be a buzz as well.
Sub was originated as a pain medication but a weak one.  If u r feeling fine on sub, it could be it is the narcotic u r addicted to vs seeking true pain relief as sub provides minimal pain relief

sumpin to consider...and keep posting
401095 tn?1351395370
Like GTM said
sub is nuittin to fool aroud with
U need to know ur goals
Sub can be used short term to alleviate wd symptoms and possibly avoid sub addiction
Or it is most often used long term so folks who continuously relapse can stay clean and off the streets
If used long term, there is a long wd process associated with sub due to its long half life

set ur goals if u can...know where u r going
and keep moving forward
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Thanks so much for all your comments as they made me feel at ease with a lot of questions I had on my own. I don't know if I was addicted or not. I only know that I would take the painkillers until they would stop the pain, after a while the pain killers were controlling my life. I didn't like it. I was starting to take up to four in the morning just to get out of bed cause I would feel like crap, aside of the fact that I have pain 24/7.

I was honest w/ my doctor about everything, he said he thought I was taking for both but we were going all over the place with the pills. This was not the first time I'd gone into his office w/ wd telling him I wanted off the meds but I was in so much pain, this time around, he said it was time.

I agreed and he then put me on suboxon 2mg three times a day. He said we would try this for a week and see how it goes. So far, I've been taking two a day. It work with withdrawals but I'm in a lot of pain. I'm also taking cymbalta 60mg for the fibro, medrol 4mg dose pack for five days, celebrex, and now xanax for sleeping because I've been having an insane headache...

I feel o.k, but a little over medicated on the suboxon... what does it mean??? Anyhow, tomorrow I see him again and I plan to cut them in half. I just want to make sure that's o.k to do. Then I will take 1/2 in the morning and 1/2 later in the day until I just get off it.
I've never been addicted to anything. I've always had control of what I did and stopped cold turkey, with drinking, smoking... I don't like to drink anymore and I can't remember when I had the last smoke. Never smoked pot, well I tried it, but never fond of it.

Now that you know all this, what do you guys think...

Lot's of Love for all you BTW, for helping get though this
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