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Whats the diff between Methadone and Suboxone?
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Whats the diff between Methadone and Suboxone?

Does anyone know the difference between suboxone and methodone? I have a friend that has been taking vics for a long time now, for good reason, she has endometriosis. But for some reason her dr. gave her methodone, she says he gave them to her for the pain but wouldnt you think he gave them to her to try to get off the vics?? I have another friend that took methadone and xanax together ( i dont know how many) and she died. Im scared of the methodone now for that reason. But, the reason im on here is to get some info on methodone for my friend. So if anyone can share their experience with them it would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Methadone is highly, highly addictive and very difficult to come off of.

I won't go into detail as to what Methadone was originally designed for but in the 60's it began to be used to help heroin addicts stop using heroin. It was used for many years that way. I am not sure when it became available in pill form and began being prescribed by doctors as a pain reliever but that was a sad day.

Suboxone was introduced in this country in 2003 as a means of helping addicts to get clean from their DOC. It is an opiate and does have a long half life, like Methadone. They have found it to have analgesic properties and does help some with pain relief but that is not it's main purpose.

If your friend is looking to stop taking the Vic's altogether, then Suboxone would be the way. If she/he is looking for pain relief medication stronger than the Vic's, then the Methadone would accomplish that, but I would never recommend it.

It would really be a good idea to get your friend in here and have her talk with the members directly. She could get better responses that way rather then going through a third person.

Hope to see your friend.
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It's very strange that a dr gave methadone for endometriosis. I have that as well. Methadone is a very strong pain med with a long half life. That's something given for end stage cancer, or opiate addiction. Your friend should question the dr reasoning for prescribing it. It's also addictive and hard to come off of.
Suboxone is for helping get off opiate addictionas well. It fills the pain receptors in such a way that you don't feel withdrawal or cravings. But you don't get high, and you can't get high if you take other opiates with it.
Methadone also helps withdrawal and cravings, but it's a pain med, so you can still get high. I have been on methadone treatment for almost 2 years now. For me it's helped. For about a week I felt the high of the methadone, then you adjust to it. I take 70mg once a day, and it lasts all day till my next dose. Not everyone takes it for treatment though. It's a cheap high.
I wish the best of luck to you and your friend.
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its not uncommon to treat pain w/methadone.  

also, my ex-husband died form taking methadone & xanax.
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you can google medical journals comparing the 2 drugs, i would say the main difference is the antagonist activity
from a persons perspective who has been on both these drugs i will just say that they are *** for tat
suboxone is the new and improved methadone, both put on the market not for opiate wd but for matience
i was told by an addictionoligist that you could not get high on other opiates while you are on methadone, then a few years later was told the same thing about suboxone
the message from the medical community about the 2 drugs are similiar however the main difference is that suboxone has an opiate blocker in it....narcaan/revia/naloxone whatever you want to call it
anytime you mix an opiate with an opiate blocker problems can occour, more clinical info can be found on this if you google long term affects on narcaan, if your friend is interested in getting clean suboxone may not be the right choice, most people who get on sub stay on it for atleast a year, same with methadone, these drugs are designed for long term use, it comes down to a personal descion, maybe her doctor thought she was abusing her meds and prescribed the methadone for that reason
i am not sure how many people here at med help have taken both these meds, if you do not find an answer here there are a couple of forums you can turn to for help with this topic
best of luck
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have researched this..mostly sub at the hospital i work at with a pain dr who is also a sub dr...methaodne is a pain reliever/originally used in germany for pain relief during war times due to the half life...the USA brought it here and made it an addiction med..altho still rx'ed for pain by a dr..if using it for addiction u have to go to a clinic unless the dr writes his notes that he is giving it for pain..the govt got a hold on this drug and for addiction purposes, altho a dr can get around this but carelly..the patient must go to a mehadone is a full vicoden and oxy is not/as a rule/ a sought after type high or there would be lines autside the methadone clinics..and there is not...have used for pain and it was not the high i would want...did satisfy urges for opiates real urge to abuse it tho..others will beg to differ

suboxone///bupe was a pain med i beleive originated i Mexico...Temgesic is the is rx there at 0.2 mgs for pain...yes 2 tenths of a mg is the recommended it is used up to 32 mgs for addiction!..and being opposite of methadone...a dr can only rx this for addiction and not for pain here...unlike methadone..and th dr must attend an 8 hr online class or lecture to rx it..sub is a partial antagonist...and is said to have less intense wds than methadone..again there r those who beg to differ on that..i have taken both..never addicted to either..but for me being a hydro user..i woulda chose sub if my addict mind was taking over at the moment of the question..that is my favorite drug..havent had it that often  2-3 weeks at a time but i am good to go all day and all lights my fire..and that is why i didnt use it to quit..cos tapering off a drug i liked better than my doc made no sense to me

similar in both r used to taper with/yes methadone is used for this as well and in reality it can take longer to get addicted physically to meth than the sub 2-3 weeks on either is not gonna cause bad wds as a rule expecially if u stay at a low dose..both help with cravings..both can get u plus with sub is other narcs will not be available to the receptors after a few days cos sub is sticky and covers all of them up..just a bumber when u gotta get that sticky stuff off ur receptors in the end....sub as a rule is more expensive than methadone..both have a long long halflife making it a bumber to get off of but nice for wds..with methaodne u can use drugs with it//other narcs or benzos and u may od not knowing what u r a rule other narcs r blocked by sub..people get around it ho..belive me...certai amt of hours go by u can use on top of sub..not gonna get the buzz u woulda got but can get a buzz...both r tools while the person does work on their issues...both r sold on the streets to people looking for a high..i would buy the sub in a heartbeat if i was looking for the high..but i am not//over it!  It is also contrindicated to take benzos with suboxone as it is with methadone...

Methadone was a pain med..and a good one to boot...suboxone as also a pain med//average or less for true pain control...both r being used for addiction  in the USA!  In my opinion the pharmaceutical company who markedted sub did a fantastic job..."miracle drug" it will do everything for u tyrp stuff...methadone has a reputauion attached to it as it has been in existence for a long time..sub will follow and the govt will take contro of suspensing it as they do methaodne/indirctly the do dispense methadone...suyb 10 yrs from now will not have a sparkle anymore..too many horror stories..too much hype by the company and not enuf education for the drs...too many people with "SURPRISE SURPRISE u r in wds my beloved patient it isnt sposed to do has gotta be u..u r imagining that u feel like a truck ran over u!"
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