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actual medical need for xanax but doctor won't give it to me becaus...
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actual medical need for xanax but doctor won't give it to me because i am an addict

Are there advocate agencies/programs for people who are in recovery but who has a medical need for Xanax or any other controlled substance?? My mental health doctor and I had been working together for well over 2 years, I came to her with severe anxiety disorder and Bi-polar disorder. I did NOT want to be on a controlled substance due to being an addict however I needed to get a handle on my progressively more debilitating panic attacks. We tried everything!! over 26 medications and I am just soooo tired of messing with my brain chemicals, I  finally conceded and decided Xanax (monitored) is the best option as I have taken it before. My DOCTOR RETIRED and now some new doctor who just thinks I am a drug seeker has turned my tables and is making it so i have to fight for xanax!!!! any suggestions??
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Hi, it ***** when you feel as though you have a very real Medical Need for an Addictive Medication, and the Dr. your dealing with, because of the fact you've had a problem with Addiction just won't provide it for you.

From the Dr.s perspective, especially since this is a new Dr. for you, many of them think that an "Addict is an Addict is an Addict." They are not comfortable prescribing an Addictive Medication to someone who has already had a problem with Addiction.  It generally doesn't matter if you've used this Medication before and didn't abuse it.  The Dr. thinks that the "Potential for Abuse," is still there, and for many people it is.

Xanax is a very addictive Benzodiazapein, even in small amounts.

Have you considered talking to your Dr. about a different type of Anti-Anxiety Med like Valium?

Also, have you looked into any Behavioral Modification Therapies?

I have struggled alot with Anxiety Disorder, and I started using a Program from the Mid-Western Center for Anxiety, by Lucinda Basset, around 12 years ago.

That program has helped me more than all the Anti-Anxiety Medictaions I've ever tried.

I struggled with Anxiety to much that I couldn' leave my house, couldn't sleep, it was really unpleasant to say the least.

I still have anxiety, but I understand it alot better now, and am learning how to not let it get to me.  Not to be afraid of the "Feeling" of Anxiety.

Anxiety is a feeling just like other feelings, Sad, Lonely, Fearful, Happy, etc.

We don't feel afraid when we feel Happy, and there's no reason to feel afraid of Anxiety.  It's the fear that goes along with the feeling that makes it worse, and it becomes a vicious cycle.  You feel Anxiety, then you feel Fear based on the Feeling of Anxiety, that Fear leads to more Anxiety.

I learned many things using their Program and that was over 12 years ago.  I've learned how to manage my Anxiety instead of the Anxiety controlling me.

It takes time, and it is not a "quick fix," and sometimes I do take a Valium when I'm dealing with something very stressful.

Mostly though I use my Relaxation Exercise, my Breathing Techniques, and I do alot of "Positive Self Talk."

I can't say enough about this Program, and I do reccomend it to anyone who suffers from an Anxiety Disorder.

I wish you well, and I hope you are able to find some answers that are helpful for you.
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i too am an addict (to vicodin ) but also medically need xanax. Ive been on xanax for many many years. I have never abused it or became addicted to it however. it doesnt get me high, it just takes my panic away and makes me normal. My doctor over the years has teeter tottered with me on this. A few times he decided i shouldnt be on it anymore and was going to cut me off cold turkey! talk about a major panic attack (its dangerous to stop taking it suddenly- you can have fatal seizures even).  I ended up writing him a very detailed letter as to why I feel I am not ready to come off of it. I was honest and up front in my letter and I also volunteered myself to have him call me in for frequent/random drug tests and pill counts whenever he wants because I have nothing to hide. I have never overused or abused my xanax and would be fine with a pill count or drug test every week if needed. So after reading my letter he decided I should stay on it and wrote me a new RX for 3 refills even.
So maybe you can write a similar letter and ask them to do the same (the pillcount/drug testing) and perhaps have better results. good luck to you. I know how terrifying and debilitating panic attacks can be. Xanax is also the only medicine that helps me as well and Ive tried them all over the years.
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