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can people notice that you are on suboxone who do not know?
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can people notice that you are on suboxone who do not know?

I am worried my boss will be able to tell that i am taking sub and will fire me- i am taking sub to help me stay away from oxys. I was asked a few times by friends if i was on anything while taking oxy- i said no, but i guess because people can see it. I can tell when soemone is high off vikes or oxys. It always stood out to me if someone was. So i am now wondering if i look drugged up from sub....? oh lord i hope not....has this happened to anyone before? i hide all this from everyone excet my husband doc, and therapist ...any of course all fo you :)
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well I have not taken sub myself, but a friend used it for her recovery and was not visibly  affected. The thing is it's probably very difficult to predict whether you will find the same is true for you. It will vary greatly with dosage and I imagine, like all opiate type meds, each person's reaction will differ. Maybe your spouse could observe you on the drug and watch for changes that might cause others to suspect you're taking something. Even if your boss can tell, you shouldn't be able to be fired for taking a med to help you get better. I guess "shouldn't" doesn't mean can't though. If it came down to it, you could lie and say you have to take medication for some other illness (maybe anxiety or depression or headaches or something) and drowsiness is a side effect so they may notice you're a bit groggy. The truth is as long as your job wouldn't be dangerous to do while you're drowsy, it's really not anyone else's buisness.  I hope it all works out for you.
Appearance, there most likely wont be any way of telling, other then your pupils will be pinned ( so small you can barely see them). This generally happens with opiate use such as heroin and oxy's and so on. Your eyes do not turn red like you just smoked weed or anything like that.
Other then that, each person is different as to how they act, talk, be mobile and so on. Most people get the nod ( fall asleep for a second or 2 and their head bops up and down as you pass in and out). Some people get somewhat disoriented and may have a little trouble doing simple, everyday things such as drive a car and so on.
So if your boss looks at you, he shouldnt really be able to tell just by looking unless he knows for a fact that opiate users' eyes get pinned out, yet you can blame this on lighting.
I dont know much about Sub, but you are not suppose to get high off this drug. I believe it makes the person not be able to get high off opiates anymore. I dont know exactly how it works so I cant get into detail.
Personally, I dont think your boss will know if you just act yourself. Dont go to work thinking your boss will know you are on Sub because that attitude alone, will make you think he knows and you will act weird, and that will most likely draw more attention then if you are just your normal self.
Think of it this way as well. When you were a teenager you probably smoked weed? If not its ok. But when you smoke, then take some visine, as long as you keep your eyes fully open for a few minutes while you come home and perhaps talk to your parents, they shouldnt know. But most go home frantically thinking their parents are going to know they are high and act different because of it.
I hope that helps you. I just tried to put it in a different aspect to better discribe what I mean.
it should not be noticeable.....if you are nodding and sick you have done too isnt a big thing...if he cant tell if you have taken an advil he wont tell you have taken sub...good luck - it isnt like the oxy's .......
I started suboxine in june, I felt like you did at work to the tee.
Then I'd get all parnoid, probably acting stupider too.
When I looked at myself in the mirror at my desk, I think
I look high. My friend sits 1 cubbie over said that I look
like I always look!! So I  look the same everyday. I stick to my dosage . I don't feel high, A few people have told me I look tired or ask had I been crying. ,, I'll say yeah  with hubby or daughter , sometimes I say it's allergies,
Those excuses usually work.
You can't be fired for taking suboxine. I am sure some jobs you may not want to take it. Plus you aren't doing anything illegal. Most important. What ever an employer finds in your urine you had better have a prescription for . It's alls you need to stand on.
Nothing taken illegally.
best of luck to you
I dont know why anyone that dosent know much about sub would even answer you, but the answer is NO , also it's not detected in a standard drug screen either, fyi
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