cocaine and ear problems
by jezzee, Jan 26, 2009
I recently did cocaine. A few days after I developed an itchy ear. I was dizzy and nothing really tasted right. I'm a fairly energetic person and I slept the whole day.
Now, two weeks later, the itchiness is still there. I'm using some ear drops. I don't know if this is allergy related or maybe some of the cocaine got in my ear and messed it up. There is also minor pain and minor swelling.
Please, no lecturing on using drugs. I know they are bad.
I only use them on occasion and several weeks/months apart.

I just need help with my ear.
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by bluespence, Jan 27, 2009
I have no idea...however this is a forum for people who are trying to quit using, and many people on here are very sensitive when these types of questions are posted. You probably won't get very many (if any) answers!
by slapperman, Jan 27, 2009

I am no doctor by if I had to diagnose your symptoms that you believe has something to do with cocaine. I would say you may have a sever nasal infection. Since ear, nose, eye, and mouth are connected. I believe your equilibrium is being thrown off from the infection causing your dizziness and long sleeping periods. You should go to the doctor the best solution or invest in sever sinus medication.
by gizzy32, Jan 27, 2009
Since you don't want a lecture about using drugs there is an ear and throat forum. This is not a lecture, but as a coke addict myself, regardless if you don't use much, you may also be looking at the heart and stroke forum if you continue to use cocaine.

I really don't know the answer to this one, but if your sniffing it that can cause throat, nose, eye and even ear infections. I never experienced an ear infection due to cocaine, but many many nose and throat ones, coke is a dirty drug and you NEVER sniff purely coke, it is cut with everything from baking soda to i have seen drywall, mmm yummy. The only thing i remember about the ear was i seemed to get wax buildup sometimes, usually after waking up and covered in sweat, in my ears too. Sometimes they would pop, but it never really hurt and didn't happen often. It won't hurt to go see a dr since it has lasted this long, don't mess around with your hearing and PLEASE don't mess around with coke, it will take you down. Good luck and let us know how you make out.
by snowflake620, Jan 27, 2009
sounds like an ear infection to me maybe from the coke not sure the cause but as gizzy says please stay away from all drugs and if your problem lasts go to the doctor