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how long before recover from rapid detox
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how long before recover from rapid detox

I did rapid detox on Tuesday, the 8th of this month for oxycontin and percocet.  Did the naltrexone method.
Too tired to go into all of it.  Barely made it home on plane.  My doc put my on clonidine pills and plus nuerotin until she could see me the next day.  Am on tranqulizers already.

Am now on Clonidine patch.  Got to stop Naltrexone pills on Tuesday.  They were killing me.

How long before I can move.  I can manage a couple of hours and then die.

I know that not many have taken this route and boy do I understand why, but if anyone has please give me a heads up on what to expect.
Thank you.
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never did rapid detox..not many here have...guess the purify ur body saying u r clean//not sure..thing is u sound like u r in the mental portion of the detox process and u got there "rapidly"  so ur left to deal with depression and such//ftigue can be harder than depression cos they feed each other..if sleeplesness is an issue//have the dtox dr write u some safe drugs to help u now..he probably made enuf money off of this procedure//he should follow up

Most here use the thomas recipe for detox and the aminos for staying clean and tyrosine is a good one for nrg that can be so low right now..exercise helps it the most tho///MOVING to produce sorely needed endorphins...u gotta move...5htp helps depression..OTC drug for sleep and anxiety are benadryl, valerian root, melatonin...some rx safe drugs r phenergan, muscle relaxers and drugs like neurontin of lyrica//altho repots of lyrica abuse r surfacing

stay with ur..u can pull thur..lots of support here
I am not going to lie to's a painful process and you will feel like you want to die, The great part is, once you are detoxed the rebound pain is gone and you are now able to reclaim your life.

TOM recipe is great HOWEVER, if you are on antidepressants check with the doc or pharmacist. Another VERY important thing is to get some sub- lingual vitamin B12 for energy. Try and drink some protien shakes, although you won't have an appetite for some time try to. You need the energy.

Some people suggest Imodium (immodium) ad for diarrhea but, that is your bodies way of cleaning out all the poison.

You will manage and get thru this. I did and I have my life back. FINALLY!!!!!!!!
Thank you so much for answering.  The detox doc was nowhere to be found once I left the hospital, which I left too early and completely drugged out of my mind.

I literally had to threatened to go to the ER in the hospital where he works to get some medicine to help me get through the plane trip.  Of course he told me he really didn't know what to do for me. I had major stomach problems.  I did get a bad combination of drugs to make the trip.

I am on an antidepressant but will try other things from Thomas  recipe.

I am moving but it is like a 98 year old.

I seriously researched this.  I did my homework which is a bit difficult when you are not told the truth.  I know better now.

It will be a lovely Christmas.

Eating is hard and I have pain from my toes to my finger tips.

I am now working with my doctor to get through this.

Is neurotrin addicting?

Does everyone get paw's.

I was stuck on this from back surgery but was on for 2 years. (long story)

Don't have the depression yet but am sooo tired.  It is sad when walking around the house wears me out.

I so appreciate you answering me.  

I know I will have more questions if I can ever get out of this fog I am in.

Please feel free to tell me anything I need to know.
Sjoggie - I did an accelerated detox back in June - it is similar to rapid detox, but done over a period of 3 - 8 days, so it is not such a shock to the body.  I detoxed from suboxone.  After my detox, I was so dead for about 4-5 days - had no energy and could barley make it across the house.  The good news is that this does go away quickly and you will start to feel remarkably better soon.  The one problem that I had longer term was being very cold - this lasted for 3-4 weeks - it was kind of funny because for me it was in the middle of the summer.  I also had trouble with the Naltrexone - it gave me severe anxiety.  Problem for me though was that I had an implant, so it lasted for 5-6 weeks.  After the implant was gone, I felt 100%.  I have never had a craving and have been 100% clean for nearly 7 months.  Feel free to message me if you want to chat or have any other questions.  Congrats on getting clean - you wll not regret your decision.  
I tried to send you a message but I think I am just too foggy to get things straight.

I do so appreciate the encouragement.

I also understand the cold!!  I'm surprised I don't have icicles hanging from me.

I never would have made it with the implant.  I don't react well to medications as it is.

Wish I had gone wherever you had gone.  I might be in better shape.

Merry Christmas!!
Hang in there Sjoggie - it does improve more each day.  To send a message, just click on my screen name, it will bring up my profile.  Then on the right side, maybe 1/4 way down, there is a link to send a message.  Once you type it, be sure to enter the letters you see at the bottom of the page and then hit submit.

The energy should start to come back soon - take some B12 and B6.  Use blankets to stay warm - I had a heater going in my office in the middle of July - people thought I was nuts - but they also knew what I was going through and supported me - I was open with my co workers and always have been.  Take Care
Just remember, this to will pass, by a month from now you will be on top of the world, and many here will be very jealous of your progress through this hell on earth.
Oh how it must feel to wake up and not wonder where the pills will come from today.
GOD bless you.
like sjoggie said..this gets better..this rapid detox is sposed to help u skip physical detox//being the runs, headache, nausea far i have never seen anyone coming out of rapid detox feelin normal like they claim...sounds like u had physical wd anyway/tummy issues which were my worst wd symprtom..RUNS..but one imodium (immodium)/or 2 for some//stops that for the day as a rule

I do believe rapid detox is a hyped up treatment...recovery is so much more thanphysical detox..after reading ur post I am just bout convinced it is a hoax...wds from 100 mgs of hydro for 4 yrs was 3-4 days of feeling flu-like with the runs for me..back to work day 5..often our fear is misplaced as far as quitting our doc...we are often afraid of the wrong portion of this whole charade...the physical is so scary to us we get into deep doo doo using methaods to avoid what is less than a week of physical discomfort for most..some r so afraid of these days of wd they even switch to narcotics/super power narcs like sub...and get stuck there//then face wds that last weeks...our fear can paralyze us///and cost us lots of money too

There is no way proven to me yet that will make u skip mental wds...for the most part i am not convinced u can skip physical wd completely..i dont care how slow u taper from any the end u will feel it...and I am only speaking from research I have done and posting here..I am not a dr//just an addict

pull thru...keep ur chin up and make a plan to STAY clean...u r clean now...staying clean is work..there is no rapid or pain free way to stay clean..U GOTTA do the WORK

stay with ur...greart place to be/this forum/ so keep posting
Thank you roseczern for your encouragement and that goes for salsinator too.

Worried, the rapid detox was much worse than what I am reading on this site about a detox.  Immodium did not work.  I was so sick.  I don't even know what they gave me so I could make the plane ride home.  To tell you the truth I couldn't get hold of medical help once I left the hospital until I finally called their help line and told them I was going to the ER.

Then the goofy doctor called and said,  Gee I don't know what to do.  Maybe, a subutex!!!!!  I was on naltrexone!  Then he said, I guess I will call in a couple of prescriptions and will call in the afternoon and see how you are doing.

My friend picked up the meds. and they worked more or less but hyped me so much.

I suspect I got the call because the ER I would have gone to would have been in the hospital the "doctor" worked in.

He never did call back.

My friend knew I need medical help and she had said if I didn't get on the plane she was taking me to the ER.

I called my Family doc as soon as I got home and she got me started on clonidine and some other things and I saw her the next day.  I was so out of it it wasn't funny.

I am still really weak but my brain seems to be working much better.  Now if I can just get my body to adapt.

Thank you all so much for writing.  This has been such a scary time and of course the rapid detox was not what I was told it would be and believe me I checked the very best I could.  All I can say is it is a good thing my friend could see me.  I would never go to a place where you could not be seen by someone.

I think I'm lucky I'm alive.

Hi Lizzy - and others on this thread.  Rapid detox is not what they advertise, but there are some reputable clinics out there.  I did a lot of research before going to the detox program that I went to - like I said earlier, the program that I did was not "rapid" detox, it was an accelerated detox - so instead of doing the detox in one day - mine lasted a total of 8 days - but I was also detoxing from suboxone that has a much longer half life.  The same detox program has a 3 day program from regular opiates.  That being said, it's not all a cake walk.  Like Lizzy, I could barely lift my head for about days following, but my doctor also told me everything that I was in store for, I knew all of the meds I was taking and why, and I had 24/7 supervision through the entire thing. I would send anyone to the detox program that I went through.  You know, worried said it right, people go through the rapid detox thinking that they can bypass the withdrawal and all the symptoms - not true.  The fact is, you play, you pay - in some form.  All things said and done though, my detox was worth every cent and everything I went through and Lizzy, once you are back on your feet and have some clean time - you will be glad you did it and that it's over - so way to go for taking the steps to get clean!  Congrats and Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas to you!
I really wish I had know about the place you had gone to.

I just wish I knew how long the pain was going to last.  Everything hurts.  All my joints, and muscles are hurting so bad I cannot sleep.

My doc has given me neurontin but I can't say that is helping.  

Any idea how long the pain lasts?

By the way, both you and Worried are so correct on the rapid detox.  The problem is sorting through the lies you get from places and finding the truth.  This I was not good at, even though I really tried my best.

How do you find the difference from the hype vs the real truth?  Not for me, at this point but for anyone else making a decision.

That would be so helpful to so many.

I'm thinking this neurontin may be causing me some of my problems so I'm going to start cutting it out!

Hi Lizzy,

I don't recall having pain except for strong head aches.  I was already taking the Neurotin for RLS, but I stopped taking it two days after the detox.  I noticed that I was very very dizzy and even had some vertigo and I narrowed it down to the Neurotin causing it - the symptoms went away immediately after I stopped.  In fact, I stopped taking all medications shortly after the detox because I also found that the Mirapex  - which is also for RLS - was having an interaction with the Naltrexone - I will NEVER take Naltrexone again.  Hang in there girl and feel free to message me anytime for support.  Next week should be better.  Have a great day and Merry Christmas.

I have nothing good to say about Rapid detox.

I'm sure you are aware you are pulling up all threads you can on rapid detox, no matter how old.

It is a tough procedure and people die from rapid detox.

Money could be much better spent elsewhere, and as you can see, I had to come back and have my detox finished at home.  I should have just stayed home and worked with my doctor.

Don't use my thread to promote rapid detox.

Wow this is old! But it didn't work huh? There is no trick to this

I would have done much better for my body and felt better if I had just detoxed with my doctors help as that is how I completed the detox anyway.

Rapid detox essentially takes everything out of your system and you wake in the middle of withdrawal.  You need naltrexone so any remaining drugs that are still in your body do not reattach to the receptors.  

I was horribly sick and from talking with others who have done this, as well as talking with some of the nurses, that is to be expected and I supposedly did better than alot of others.

So basically, you pay a ton of money for the enjoyment of suffering and then have to make the plane ride home in one piece and still get to finish the detox at home.  This is my experience, of course.

People do die from this and you should ALWAYS check out the doctors at the facilities you are going to if you can get the information.  You would really be surprised at what you find out.

If you are smart enough you can get information on the facilities also.

I also figure if you can not be seen at any point by whoever goes with you to watch out for you, then something is wrong.  Again, my opinion.

Remember, rapid detox is a big money maker and I don't believe insurance will cover it,so you need to try to research as much as possible.  Not that it is all that easy.

I should have saved my money for something better.  

im sorry to hear you had a bad experience with rapid detox, but i think youre right when you say do the research. there are definately ranges of care and expertise out there.

i was lucky with my experience, and although i had runs for a day or two i didnt feel as bad as some. i was told my intestines were adjusting to not acting with opiates so it just had to readjust. Compared to the withdrawals i used to get it really wasn't too bad..

Not to diminish the assumption people have died (?) but im sure statistics say that more people die when they dont stop. People die when going cold turkey too, as im sure thats a bigger shock to the system.Rapid detox is a medical procedure, and anesthesia is a consideration.
  Thats why its important to get the best help in this field, someone with proven results and lots of experience.

its also important to go to an aftercare facility or a safe enviroment for a few days after the procedure to adjust in a stressfree situation. I went to Waismann and they had a great "recovery" facility called Domus ( chef, private rooms, flat screens, pool, jacuzzi etc). Im sorry your suffering was prolonged where you went.

I can only assume there are negative opinions about rapid detox because there are so many poorly qualified places trying to cash in. i was  treated with compassion and dignity and i honestly believe the staff at waismann actually cared.

i hope people that are looking for this solution actually look deeper than a few bad posts and do the research to find the best option available..    
Could not agree more. Just finished at Waismann and agree the retreat at Domus was stress free, meds were administered properly with round the clock help by just picking up a phone. Private chef, pool, jacuzzi, Waismann is pricey but it was worth every penny. 30 days clean with a couple weeks of mild withdrawals for a couple of weeks after the procedure. No chance I could have done it alone. I would be dead now. Love yourself, get informed, and if you see a rapid detox for less that They will treat you and kick u to the curb. Best of luck to all of us wanting to make a change for the better.
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