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just when i was giving up !!!!!!!!!
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just when i was giving up !!!!!!!!!

wow im so excited, as many of you know i stopped taking codeine around a month ago 3rd attempt.
i have a lot of stomach problems due to gallbladder removal in 2003 that led to me being on codeine ...........
so about a week ago i was at a loss ............. i was fed up of being on the loo and living on imodium (immodium) and it being hit an miss etc i started thinking about the codeine again !! all the usual like ill just take it as needed ! why should i suffer etc i was about to go to the doctors and go back on them.............but i thought id have a look on the net to see if any new treatments have come up or an operation or anything i was getting desperate !!!
and i found an old article dated 2009 about new research has led to finding that all my problems could be related to a hormone deficiencey (sp) that causes the problem of bile acid diarrhea after gall bladder removal !!!!!
so i got the doctors name off the article and googled him lol im in the uk south wales an he is a top gastro in london uk....................i did a people search an got his email address!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so i emailed him saying i dont know if i have the right person etc but heres my problem ......can you help me in any way? i can travel but i dont have private insurance etc ...................
an he wrote back !!!! dear jenny im very sorry to hear about your problems this is very common after your op and doctors are quick to put it down to ibs etc I WOULD BE VERY HAPPY TO SEE YOU TO DISCUSS YOUR PROBLEMS AT LENGTH  take this letter to your doctors and tell him you want a second opinion and a referal to ME at this address (bottom of letter) on the NHS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
omg wooooooooooooow im so happy!!!!!!!!!!
isnt it funny sometimes how just when we hit rock bottom or are at a loss something so good comes around !!!!!!!!!!!!
ps sorry this is long but i just had to share it with you all !!!!
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Neat! You found a renewed sense of strength..Thats great! :)
yes definately !!
i dont know how the health sytem over in america works i know its private etc ..
but over here in the uk a gastro appointment is a 6 month wait!!! on the nhs and you do not get to choose who you see , you get what your given and you have no choice but to wait for them to contact you !! no cancellations or emergencys.
so for me to have found the article, then googled the doctor, him be in the uk ,find his email address, and get a reply saying come and see me on the nhs is just UNBELIEVEABLE  !!!!!!!!!!
Wow Jen, now that you mention it, I do know what your talking about. I remember from the raging debates over here and the comparisons they were making to your system , the Canadians ,etc..That is a miracle..Guess it was meant to be! :)
Hey, jenny, congratsss

how is this phrase that people who attend NA always say ? something like " never give up five minutes before the miracle" ?

good luck with this doctor  ( and i do hope that you'll be refered to him soon !!! ) :)
dav yep this system over here *****!!!!!!!!!
it may be free but its useless !
trouble is now i cant get private medical insurance for a pre existing condition even if i could afford it , if i knew all about the nhs problems before i was one of the unlucky ones i would have always had medical insurance !

laurel i like that phrase lol
i know that this doctor will still be a long wait (NHS LOL) but he is the top dog in a top london teaching hospital and he has been doing the research and knows what hes talking about so im very very happy to have even found out about the research let alone for him to tell me i would be happy to see you !!!
miracles do happen!!!
My daughter has pretty much the same thing.  She had her GB out when she was 14.  She is now 27 and has had many issues with diarrhea, the whole nine yards.  About a year ago her doctor did a blood panel on her and found her lacking some major vitamin defishencies(sp!!).  All of that found her in a raging hormonal he!!.  Her thyroid was also underactive.  He put her on certain vitamins and she is feeling much better.  Hope this will be what you find out too......sara
sounds promising !!!
i have an appointment with my normal gastro on the 19th july
so ill give him my concerns etc ask his diagnosis an if he still says nothing
we can do bla bla bla then i will show him the letter and ask for a referal
to the other gastro for a second opinion
fingers crossed !!!!!!!!!!!!!
jen x
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