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methadone detox at home
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methadone detox at home

I have been on methadone for over 3 years. I talked my way all the way up to 195mg! I got in a huge accident/DUI and that was the final straw! I went down 5mg everyday until I got to 20mg. I stayed at 20mg for 2 weeks and then after that they(methadone clinic) shaved off 1 mg everyday until I got to 8mg. I totaly forgot that they would be closed for the next three days. I live in Utah and we have Utah pioneer days. SO I have not had any methadone since over 48 hours!! YES!!! a living nightmare!!!!!!! No one know what you are going threw until you yourself had gone threw it!! I wanted to go threw detox and rehab but we couldnt get the money over $3,500, all up front! But we can do the classes. We have great insurance they cover 100% but we have to pay a co-pay every day of $20 everyday for the next 4 weeks.But you have to wait until u r clean. I am going nutz!!! This is a living nightmare! Please some one give me some inspration with this. Almost all the stories say it is impossiable to get off with out help (going to E.R., of getting on something else.. Has any one been  in my situation with POSITIVE out come besides going to the ER? I am totally scared I am at my witts end. My husband/family has been super but they really dont know what I am going threw. ANY advice to help home detox, what do I?  Dose it get better day by day? when do u feel normal?
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I have never been thru methadone wd.  There are those here who have..I do know it will end tho  (:
The health pages have some articles on methadone detox that may help u lots.  To the right of the screen under DISCUSSION.
Hang tight....the last mgs are often the hardest....u have come so far!

keep posting
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Hey Mandy,

Welcome.  Take a few breaths I DO know how you feel.

I detoxed from home alone without anyone knowing.  I was at 400 mg of oxys per day and it wasn't fun but I got through it.

Do you want to stop until you go back to your taper or are you planning to get this over with???

So Although I don't have methadone experience I sure have learned a lot about it from my time here at mh.  I've seen quite a few jump from 10 mg and 5 mg so this IS doable.  Don't get freaked out, it's very easy to build this up to a frenzy especially early into detox when you may not know EVERYTHING to expect so get yourself informed.  Do some reading and learn everything you can expect.  Sure you won't feel GOOD, but you certainly don't have to feel like a broken spirit over this.  Look at how far you have come!!!!  This is the last piece of the puzzle, the crescendo to which you have been building.  Embrace it and get it done.

Of course the first few days you need to keep your mind busy.  Read, get out of bed, off the couch.....even if you don't feel like it, keep moving or stay busy SOMEHOW.  Watch a funny movie, try and depressing songs or tear jerker movies allowed!!!! won't need any help with that I can assure you.

Get the items from the Thomas recipe found at the bottom right of this page.  Drink lots of Gatorade, get immodium and try and eat as tolerated.

You CAN do this and it does get better day to day once you get over the first handfull of days.

Keep posting and writing, it is very therapeutic and many folks will help you.

Really pulling for you and wishing you the best.....hang in there...YOU are worth it!!!!

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Bob gave some excellent advice. I have never been through methadone withdrawal but have been through withdrawals on high doses of oxy and vicodin. I have heard that methadone withdrawals last longer.
There is a member here name gnarly1. I'm sure he will be by here soon to add to the advice. He is very experienced in methadone and is clean from it now with a successful detox.  I believe he has been clean from it for over 200 days or so. He will walk you through everything.
Just hang in there and know it will get better. Keep a positive attitude as that will take you a long way. Continue to fight with all that you have and nothing can stop you!
Best of luck!

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Hello I am new here but I am on day 10 detox from methadone. I was on it for 2 years and only 10-30mgs a day but today I feel great. I haven't felt better, and the last 4 days I have been at disneyland with my 3 kids. Talk about the worst timing! But I really think it helped to get off my *** and do something. I have also been chugging the immodium ad and energy drinks like no tomorrow! They really help. Good luck to you, it will be hard but it will be worth it. I honestly thought that the withdrawals were never gonna end but it seems like they are, and only on day 10! Just keep your head up
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You are to be commended from coming such a long way from 195 on down below 10mg...I am sure that ride was not fun....I am on Day 6 from taking up to 20mg a day for over a year, so my situation is not as drastic as yours, but I know the difficulty involved....I jumped from 5 mg last week and it has been heck.

The amino acid/vitamin therapy helps, hot baths, and exercise....including some type of spiritual or mental development (bible reading, tapes, CDs, etc.)  What helped me a lot was coming to this site and hearing Gnarly, KC156, ladyrhea and others who have successfully come ego kicked in and I told myself if these people can do it, I can.

Good Luck and godspeed with your recovery.
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