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my moms addicted to soma
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my moms addicted to soma

hi my mom is addicted to soma and has been for about 10 years battling addiction, recently we sent her to a very prestigous rehab facility called the cirque lodge and she was clean for a few months and then started again it really hit home when she took my little sister to subway and got so high that she couldnt even move and i was home at the time anyways my little sister is 15 and just got her driving permit and had to drive her all the way home she walked in the door and fell on her knees crying about what had happened we searched through her purse and found soma  so i flushed them and went to my older sisters house in hopes that if my mom saw that i would leave her that she might quit her soma addiction that was a couple of weeks ago and now its all the same and im just torn with depression and anxiety that she might drive and kill someone or herself has anyone dealt with a serious case or dealt with someone with a serious case of soma addiction any pointers on how to make/help them quit please help i cant deal with this anymore
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I am so sorry..u can buy soma that where she gets it?  most addicted to a drug like that take several a day//even up to 20 a day/it is unlikely she gets tons of it from a dr/then again there r quacks out there who will write RX,s for money...soma is not a controlled substance by the FDA...but a few states have deemed it as a controlled is the metabolite  called meprobanate that is habit forming and that substance is a controlled substance by the FDA

She needs to want to stop/if she is not in on the gam plan it will not work..u can not force her to quit....being there for support and offering options for help is about all u can do

Soma is addictive but it is not one of the major drugs of abuse by far...but in large quanities it can be addicting...

YOU CAN NOT STOP SOMA cold has to be tapered..if she does have a dr writing scrips..i would go with her and have a chat very soon...due to HIPPA he/she can not say alot about ur mom,,,but u can voice ur concerns...he/she needs to taper her off of soma...ct can cause seizures just like trams and benzos when abruptly stopped

Ur mom is lucky to have u..she is so's give and give to their children as a rule...many times that is a one way street tho..many kids do not reach out to help their mom...u r a very special person

Try to find out how many somas she takes per a rule they r  350 mgs per pill...

Dont look at her like a loser...even moms screw up  ,,,approach her with love...addiction can be a disease//can happen to many...often theorized as genetic...meetings rock abd they r free,,meetings are in evert crrok and crrannt of every city or town,,,Be it AA or NA...the steps and practices r very much alike and most r cross addicted..i landed in AA as i felt comfy there....

maybe find a meeting close by and go with her for the first time/or as long as she needs u..dont forget that moms can often have needs/i am assuming she is single//a hubby or SO can often offer the support she needs/I never judge anyone cos I have not walked in their shoes..she needs u and it is obvious u care....again, she is blessed to have u
I have quit soma cold turkey so many times in the past couldn't even count. ........with a serious daily intake.......I wouldn't necessarily advise it, as everyone is different.  The withdrawal seemed to be 98% mental.....if any....

You can lead a horse to water, but you can't get them clean unless they want to be.  I do understand your concern, as I do know what that stuff is capable of.

My prayers and best wishes are with you.  I wish I had more to offer as advice, but unfortunately soma is easy to obtain and abuse and yes, they are cracking down on it.  Good thing because the effects of soma are very serious and I am still surprised that it is so easy to get.

I am very sorry you are going through this.......please keep reading and posting.

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