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my sister is addicted to roxy's
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my sister is addicted to roxy's

My sister who is 20 has been hooked on roxy's also know as (the lilttle blue pill) for about 3 years now. Her boyfriend of 6 years also is on them and recently went to jail for breaking in a house to steal whatever he could get his hands on and pawn to get money for his craving.My sister and her boyfriend where taking anywhere from 1 to 9 pills in one day. Also crushing them up and snorting them for a fast and more powerful high. The inside of her nose is raw and her face has zits all over it. She has lost so much weight over the last year that my family questioned of she had a eating disorder. Her addiction was getting so bad she would start stealing from my mother, me, and my 12 year brother's video games just to get high and get through the day. My sister told me that "U dont understand what Im going through and Why I have done what i have" what she doesnt understand is what she has done to me and my family. She has caused my parents to fight almost costing their marriage. She blames everyone for her addiction and everything that comes of her mouth is a lie to cover up what she is doing.   My sister has stole all of my mother jewelry and pawned it to get money for her addiction. After several months and second chances she now has no where to go, no money and is going through detox. Under her eyes are dark, she is weak, and very quick to snap. To all out there with this same problem, You can not change them, they have to want to change themselves. I only hope and pray she will get better, but really its up to her. -*-  
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i am very sorry about your sister. i know how painful this must be for you. i am concerned also that this is not the only drug she is using as your description of her sounds very similar to meth or crack use not roxy's. just an observation. you said the right thing, she will lie and do whatever it takes to keep this addiction going until she decides to do something herself. sometimes it takes a real blow to get to that point. i hope you can take care of the rest of your family and get some support and protect yourself , possessions and your feelings by getting help through a support group if necessary. she may not want to do anything but you have to stay strong as a family.
           Thanks for re-posting this on a new one.
    I too am sorry about your sister. I am glad she's in detox. Was it her choice to go? Is she set with after care? (Keeping clean) She will need a support system in place for her to make it. She sounds like she was highly entrenched in her habit. Is she going to be with the old boyfriend? If so, she could easily relapse.
she is not in detox. she is detoxing at her sisters. she is out of pills.
my ex boyfrien is highly addicted to roxys he steals everything from his family he stole from me even
he ran away a couple days ago nd ive spent my days looking for him im at my ends and dont know what to do he is so different and i wanted to know if u have any advice for me incase he shows up back at home he is under 18 so can we put him into a detox center without his concent ??
please if you have any advise of what we could do to help him let me know
i have had the same addiction this is what i did tho.
i used to buy scripts off people like 2 at a time the most someone gets a script for is 120 tablets of the 30mg "blues" as they are called where i live. i would buy 2 scripts and sell them to make the money i spent back and also to make anywhere from $800-$1,200 dollars profit and also i would keep about 50 of them for me of course i thought in my head screw it.. I'm making a lot of cash and its a fun high off them also i thought  eh maybe 2 a day  isn't a lot and i thought i could stop at anytime but after my girlfriend has told me i been having mood swings and i get annoyed and frustrated if something doesn't go my way  there's a lot more but i really don't want to open up that much right now. Then i realized yeah I'm not the same and 2 a day is bad its very bad that's a lot there 30mg a pill and i was also selling them.. so after almost 2  weeks of hell.. i would sweat like crazy for no reason it would happen out of no where...i lost over 20 pounds i looked like complete death but after those  hard long weeks  i finally was the old me and i felt good i didnt sleep all day.. i didn't sit around and not want to do anything .. i started eating better and not just eat like a sandwich and that would be it , i didnt feel sore when i would wake up  also another reason why i stayed taking them. my body would be sore as hell when i would first wake up.. my girlfriend really helped me thru it she really is the love of my life and the drug almost took me away from her...i really love her so much.. and i would throw up countless times cause i was having bad withdrawals i really hope everyone could stay away from that drug it really changes who you are and changes everything about you, you just become sick without the drug you will lose some friends cause i know i lost 2 very good friends of mine over a stupid blue pill, please stay away from it.. its not worth going thru what i did and if i lost my girlfriend i would prob of never stopped what i was doing i thank her everyday for her being there for me <3 so if someone you know or if someone who is addicted to this drug i hope what i wrote will change your mind about it ... you don't have to be high to have fun also if a love one or friend you know does them don't stop trying to help them change there ways if you do they might never change thank you for the people who will read this good bye everyone and remember it might seem fun at first until you become addicted to the drug bye now
Its good that your girlfriend is soo suportive. its exteremely hard to do it with out support - im glad to hear youve come out of it , that gives hope to people like me that have no support, live in an area where everybody does them, and have screwed up their life so much that i cant go on any longer like this.
I cant wait until 2 weeks from now , hope fully I stick with it :)
OPiod assuers are usually in pain ( and I dont mean physically) thats why they become addicts. They want to cover up the pain inside.
Okay, this is my story, naybe someone could help! I'm a bartender in florida, I get tipped with roxies,I don't pay for them, I startwed **** percs at first then someone gave me a lil blue pill, I took it then I puked. After a while I got used to it, after taking them for a week my customers from kentucky went away and so did the roxies! I got sick! Now they come back every week and give me hand fulls of them a week! I'm up to two a day and scared to stop taking them cause I know I get so sick! What do I do and how do I stop feeling like **** when I stop taking them!I don't want them any more but I know what I feel like when I don't have anymore! I get free coke, free roxys, free xanax and free booze cause I'm a bartender, I feel like a ***** cause of my mood swings! I stop taking them but after detoxing people give me more for free and I have a bad time flushing them down the toilet! I have a very addictive personality but believe it or not I have a better time stopping doing coke then the blue *******! I figured lower the dosage through a week to get away from the withdrawels and that should work! It usually does but I go back to the crush and snort method! Damn it man! Any ideas?
Not all people do them because of the pain inside of them.  ALL people have battle wounds that's life stinks but true.  I got the blue t shirt due to cronic (chronic) pain and medical reasons...started with vicoprofin, viocodine and gradualy ended in roxy's.  Read my profile it explains why and how I stopped.  You certainly can't do it alone but you must have the desire to do so and the desire to stay clean.  Unfortunatly roxy's aka blues are over perscribed in sw and south Florida and people come from all states to obtain them on the east coast as well as sarasota.  I strongly feels as if the doctors that give them to patience is more concerned about the money than the person (this of course is my opinion) but not all doctors are like that I may add.  I would try and find out who she purchased them from and or the doctor she went to and make a report out about the abuse of it to the dea so it may save others from the dark road your sister has gone down.  Good luck and God Bless!  This is something that can be over come but it takes a lot of will power, cutting oneself off from people and supliers, and start focusing on the good things in life.
Currently I need two operations (no insurance sick husband) and I deal with the pain on a daily basis.  I ride my bike, walk the dogs and find exersize is the best medicine for me.  Everyone is different, I have no desire to go back down that dark road again and God gets the Glory and I have the clean head :) no blues for me YEAH!!!!!!
I suspect my son is doing roxies but when I did the urine drug test
it came out is this possible....I did the test when he was
not expecting it.....please let me know your thoughts thanks
Anyone who takes those god awful things is nothing more than a moron. Dee Dee Dee
How do you know if someone is taking Roxies? What are the systems?
i am going through this with my son right now. my heart is crushed, i am so sick that he is doing this to himself and his family, and so scared that he will wind up dead. i am so devastated i cant even begin to know how to handle this to save him.  
I am a mother of an addict.  I will share what I know and hope it helps you. I am speaking in terms of what I know to be true because I am living it with my kid, and it does not apply to anyone else. Every addict and addiction is different.

First thing AnnieBean09. The addiction is NOT YOURS. You can't control anything, not even the recovery.  So remember that.  

Drug addition.  No one ever thinks it will happen to them, and then it sneaks up on you and before you know it, you are consumed with getting your daily fix and worrying about withdrawals or getting caught by those that love you.

You wake up with knots in your stomach and you cry by yourself when no one is around. You hurt and you can't tell anyone. But then you get high and you feel better, until you start to come down and there you are, caught up in the ritual of drug abuse, rationing out your supply or scheming a way to get more. And if you have to work or go to school, you drag yourself there and perform with a monkey on your back. The more drugs you do, the more you want and it never ends.  

I NEVER though it would happen to my kid.  I am very sad and scared. I feel helpless!  But I did something about it.  I got involved and held an intervention which led to Soboxone film treatment.  That is another story. The first 48 hours drove me crazy. I am going to an Al-Anon meeting tomorrow. I need to learn how to cope and have patience. You should consider doing it too.

This is the first step in a very very long road of recovery. In case you don't know, Relapse is part of recovery and recovery is a LIFETIME.  It could be years and many relapses before I know for sure if my kid can or will be saved and have a life free of drugs and the misery that goes with it.

Keeping it a secret is part of the ritual. It's like "a mushroom" it grow bigger and stronger in the dark.

The addict is denial and the parents are the last to know.

As the addiction grows the addict gets better at keeping it a secret.

You wonder how can it be possible to beat a U/A test?  It depends how how much the addict uses, when was the last time they used, how much they weigh, ect. It can take from 1 to 5 days for the opiates to leave the system so a UA will come out clean. But the opiates don't REALLY leave, they become attached to the fat cells and change the brain chemistry. It changes them psychologically.  

The addict is smarter than you think. They know how to hydrate--to flush their system and they take over the counter remedies to mask the opiates.

They even carry a condom full of  clean urine, attached to their body, so it's warm and ready if they have to take a U/A.  They PRACTICE giving a urine sample until they get the technique down perfect.

If they are using intravenously, they use the leg veins or between their toes--hiding behind long pants or wearing long sleeves. Since they probably only have a couple of long sleeve shirts, they wear them A LOT.  And if you don't see bloody tissues or clothes, that means the addict is doing a GREAT JOB cleaning up. More secrets.

Signs of using Opiates:

Being broke or asking for money for gas or cigarettes, especially soon after you "know" they just got paid or they got money from you or their school loan.

You haven't seen the jewelry you gave them over the years.  Pawn shops have them. Look for pawn slips. But remember, the addict will NOT leave them lying around. Secrets....

Stealing from you very discretely.  "I thought I had a twenty dollar bill....hmmm...must have spent it, oh well"

Strangely, they are willing to do some menial job for money that you could not pay them to do BEFORE they became addicted. Like offering to clean your whole house or do all your laundry for 40 bucks.

Calling their grandparents and getting money, until you get a call from your mom or dad crying about how YOUR KID, took advantage of their bank account.

Lying about why they are broke, making up excuses, or blaming others

Nausea, vomiting, dry heaves, blaming it on "nervous stomach" or other physical excuse.

Stomach cramps, diarrhea, Frequent bathroom trips

Using enemas because of the constipation. Oh yes!  When its not diarrhea it's constipation.

ISOLATION. Unsocial.  

Sweating  A LOT, and irritable, snappy-harsh attitude.

Going to the hospital ER and asking for pain medicine by NAME or causing drama when the pain med is not good enough and non-stop talking about how they have a high tolerance and the pain is unbearable.

Working from home doing internet "sex industry" jobs. A Web CAM is a must and there must be private time alone, maybe dark shades on the windows or the computer is set up in an unusual way. The clothes and the make-up are a sure give away, ESPECIALLY when the rest of the time they look pale and run down, and un-kept.

Syringes, new or used, STASHED in their closet in a purse or bag, tucked between hanging clothes.  In THEIR CAR!!!

Spoons, bent-arched so they will stay steady on a flat surface.  The addict will clean up them up good so don't be fooled.

Weird HAZE over their eyes, and eye color looks odd.  Small pupils.  Lifeless eyes!

Insomnia. Needing to take over the counter meds or ZANEX.

Body and face acne.

Shaky hands, especially with withdraws.

Restless legs, they feel anxiety and jerk their legs around when they are in bed.

Shall I say more.....

Drug addiction is a terrible disease. It never goes away, it's always lurking waiting in the shadows.

My kid can't have a relationship with anyone because the addiction IS A RELATIONSHIP.

I am going to do everything I can to save my child. I will do what it takes.

If it turns out that your child is using...before you do an intervention, have a plan. Call around and talk to professionals, have OPTIONS ready.

READ everything you can on the internet about opiates.

Go to the Soboxone website and find a doctor in your area.

Call and speak to them, make a tentative appointment, they KNOW what you are going through, they will help you.

I pray for all the are not alone. Talk to someone. Ask for help.

You wrote a good post, however it is a very old thread.  You might want to check dates before you post.  Don't waste all that good info for old posts!
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