by hydrochic, Nov 05, 2008
on and off like since 98 of pain pills.  i snort 2 roxy 30's a day, but i use to take 15 plus pills a day.
anyone done this with the roxies?  i have come off hydro morphine before and they say with all the tylenol in hydros withdrawals are worse than snorting, any truth?  i want to hear from someone going off roxies 2 a day
to see how i will be and if its longer shorter or the same ....
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by worried878, Nov 05, 2008
roxies are lortab is to vicoden..same narcotic...i believe roxies are instant release...snorting is tougher to quit and detox is a bit harder than 'swallowing"  stopping the snorting would be a help and a move in ther right direction...
by cathy5841, Nov 05, 2008
i detoxed from snorting roxies nad oxies...way more that you are snorting.  the act of snorting is very hard to break.  i detoxed c/t.  i stopped on thursday morning and worked thurs and fri.  i wont lie to you it was pure hell.  there were points when i thought dieing would have been easier.  at about day 7 i decided that i may live...days 3 n4 were the worst.  i have been clean almost a year from them and i can tell you it worth every minute of that he!! to be where i am today.  are you wanting to quit?
by hydrochic, Nov 18, 2008
planning on waiting now until next wednesday then i will be off for four days straight so 2-4 roxy's is doable cold turkey  i am just scared
by yucky14, Dec 07, 2008
i have been addicted to roxies for about a year. my addiction creeped up on me it was very sudden. i would first do them just to have some fun but eventually it turned into everyday then every morning then 5 a day. i am at a point where i can not get out of bed and feel right unless i take a roxie. i dont do other drugs i have done oxy's numerous times but my addiction is to roxies. i have done so much to try to stop but its the hardest battle i have ever had to deal with in my life.. i feel adnormal when im sober. i get shaky mad upset sick its terrible i wanna stop n im doing everything i can to stop. it just gets harder n harder everyday. just take my advice doing this drug will be the biggest mistake u could ever make it will ruin ur life your relationships with family friends n boyfriends n eventually u will loose everything. you will loose so much weight you will not look good either. you get discusting bags under your eyes its gross. i look like a complete dope feen n i hate it.there is no way to change it makeup dont hide it. i would do anything to stop. i was a pretty girl who was never fat i weighed around 135 now i weigh 120 n look terrible
by morganave, Dec 08, 2008
You can get off of the roxies, see a dr, get help do it right!!  The old you is not gone, just hiding under a big bottle of pills.  I understand not feeling normal when you are out of pills.
I have never felt good in  my head until I started pills.  I know everyone has some terrible things to say about SUB, but I took 1 tab in 3 days and have not felt that good for years.  See a dr get some help,
by britt8690, Dec 16, 2009
My boyfriend is addicted to roxy's and now i'm pregnant. He sayes having a kid will make him change and that he can just stop but i dont belive him... almost all of his friends do them and they all look like **** and have nothing going for is so sad watching people ruin their lives for this high..if you have never tryed them and you want to dont! save yourself! my boyfriend did them occasionally then more then everyday then 2 a day and so on .. its so crazy how addicting these things are..take it from someone who has watched from the side lines almost everyone i know turing in to a addict..its scary i wish the government wouldnt allowed them to be produced!
by kmb22, Dec 16, 2009
i was addicted to roxi's doing about 2-4 per day before i quit (although i rarely snorted them)  still the same addiction and i was doing a little bit more than you.  i am 21 days clean tomorrow at 8 pm.  i did it cold turkey.  it is hard, but totally doable.  you have to really really really want to.

my roomate is still addicted, his addiction is horrible...i have been trying to help him since i have been sober, it's impossible.  

trust me, it only gets worse.  he snorts SIX AT A TIME now about 3 times a day.  he has even shot them up.  in one year he went from doing one a day to doing twenty a day and he is in really bad shape.

you don't want to be like that. stop now.

when you stop (i just stopped, no weening myself off, no replacement pill) drink tons of water, go to your grocery store and buy emergen-c drink 3 of them a day, get yourself some melatonin and valuriun root (for sleep at night) and try to force yourself to work out a little bit each day, even if it's just a walk around your block.

good luck
by GATORTOWWN2000, Jun 15, 2010
i have been doing roxies for about 6 months now,and haten life cause it has started ruining my life and relationship..My girlfriend is doing them to.We only started doing them every once and while like one each and feel fine all day,then it started two and three apeice,and we started buying them off the streets and spending all of our money not paying our bills and getting behind. But now me and her has come to a come to jesus meeting and we are working ourself off of them,it ***** so bad cause the acing,sweeting for me is bad,but i have the heart and mental toughness to quit them cold turkey,and my girlfriend is doing the same. So if anyone is wondering about them or wanting to try them don't cause its the worse thing in the world to get hook on...

ps... ROXIES ******* SUCK.........
by prettywings1031, Jul 01, 2010
my boyfriend just started getting really heavy into the whole roxy thing. he usually is just a once and a while party guy  but now its turning into a big deal for us. its ruining our relationship. i dont have an addictive personality and i have more love in my heart for this man than anyone could even imagine. but i cant handle the up and downs. he is a very angry and cold hearted person when he is all doped up. he says things he doesnt mean, he treats me like ****, OR like i dont exist. i just moved in with him 2 weeks ago. i know he was ****** up i just didnt realize how bad until i got around him 24/7. i just want to help him clean up before he spirals out of control. what can i do to help? any advice? i just want me boyfriend back.