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Addicted to Nicorette Gum
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Addicted to Nicorette Gum

  I smoked since  I was 14,    I now have now quit smoking for almost 2 years now,,,, the 27th of this month will be 2 years,
I have quit smoking many times in the past,,, using the patch, gum cold turkey etc,  This time I used that Chantex (sp) and it worked,  Although I had a side effect from it,,,made me dizzy so I couldn't totally complete the whole session,  But managed to stay away from smoking,  About a week being off the pills,,, I had a bad moment and I was going to go to the store and get me a pack of cigs,  But instead I bought Nicorette gum,  I have been chewing it ever since,  I am not sure if I even want to go off it because I love it so much,  I don't get the rush from it,,,like i would like a cigerette,,,but whatever its doing its good enough for me,  The only draw-back is the cost, I chew a box of 4mg a week,  I have tried to cut back the mgs to 2 but end up going back to 4,  Is this a bad thing?  I know eventually  I will have to quit chewing nicorette gum,  I don't EVER want to smoke again,  Its so hard to quit.  And yes if someone is going to tell me to chew regular gum,,,yes I have tried that as well.  Its not the same as the gum,  Oh and the gum just like cigerettes there is only one certain gum I chew,  I do have an addicted personality,,, Im a recovered Alcholic as well.  I just wonder if the gum is real bad for me.  
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Yes, nicotine is bad for you-- but smoking is much worse.  The fact that you have taken the step of giving up smoking, and all of the little behaviors that go with  the smoking, is a good thing.

I would try to de-emphasize the nicotine gum;  try over time to get a more realistic impression of it-- that it is a nasty chemical that is giving you an artificial buzz, and you really would prefer to face life 'on life's terms'.  The nicotine does increase your risk of heart disease, so you will want to get off it eventually... but not yet.  You still have a 'romantic' attitude toward nicotine that would only get you smoking again if you quit the gum.

My hope is that in the next few months you will get sick of the gum--- the cost, the taste-- I like bananas, but if I had one every day for a month I'd be ready to quit eating them.  When the time comes that you are less thrilled with the gum, taper off and go to meetings and use those recovery principles to keep you from returning to cigs.
This may sound really stupid but that's how I work......maybe cut the gum in half and chew that half with regular your way down.  Not only is the nicotine bad but that gum is rough.....I would chew it like a mad-man.......people would laugh at me, saying I looked like a lion that just got a kill......Oiy!!  and my jaws hurt really back chewing that stuff......

Anyway, I kind of agree with the doc that you will probably get tired of it, but maybe a little weaning can help to.  

good luck,
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