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Dextromethorphan Help for withdrawal symptoms?
I take opiate med for neuropathy pain..I had been taking oxycodone immediate release with dilaudid to take if needed for rescue pain..dr had wanted me to take timed release dilaudid for night release but it just came out with powder and tab residue in stool..
The timed release incident was 3yrs ago .....in last year due to my autoimmune issues, Pain increased and so I was put on oxymethorphone er and now have terrible drenching sweats and a new symptom of intense burning skin...thinking irregular release of oxy er..,,,.
My doctor said take dextromethorphan for this. It has helped some but I am still sweating a lot 2 hrs before needing to take the 12 hr time release oxymethorphone..
I do not not want to take the dilaudid for symptoms of withdrawal and I understand why he says to do this but I think I need to go back to immediate release..
Has anyone tried this...God Bless all of us who have to take opiates for any reason..
What do you all think..any suggestions?
My hist
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Usually it takes a bit of time for your body to get use to the new timing but you will. Discuss with your doctor your symptoms and maybe he can adjust the times you take. Opiates control so many organ functions , that when you have a sudden change , there is quite a bit trying to transition. Stay well.
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