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Efexor XR and Tramadol
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Efexor XR and Tramadol

Thank God for this opportunity to ask someone knowledgable about this. -  my problem

I was diagnosed with depression and panic attacks in 2000- started on paxil with good effect. Stopped 2 times but had to go back on paxil months later due to panic attacks returning along with depression. In 2005 I shifted to Efexor XR, 150 mg and realized I would be on these the rest of my life. This is ok because they work perfectly for me and have done so for the last 8 years. 2012 and 2013 I (very) unfortunately became addicted to Tramadol - I used every weekend and sometimes the days between.16 days ago I took my last 8 tramadols - I decided it should stop and I would return to "normal". At that time I hadn't read up on the effects of Venlafaxine and Tramadol so in my infinite wisdom I decided to double my 150 mg dose to 300 mg for a period of 4 days in order to soften the landing.. don't know if that was a good idea though.. I have the following questions

1. I have a theory going that I have elevated my levels of serotonin and norepinephrine by taking tramadol and that this will need to stabilize again before I am normal - ?
2. Since I haven't experienced WD's like this before on tramadol I am wondering if this feels more like the times I started up on antidepressant medicine especially since I have windows of "clarity” this even plausible?
3. Timeline. The last 2 times I went cold turkey it took 4 weeks for me to be back to rational normal me - furthermore it took me the same time for the antidepressants every time to work. Am I way too optimistic in thinking that in another 2 weeks things will be better?

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated

Dear Molytex,

It sounds like you have already done extensive research on chemical imbalance, drug side effects and interactions.  The good news is that among most painkillers, Tramadol has one of the shortest withdrawals. Usually after about 2 weeks of stopping  Tramadol use, your endorphins  stabilizes and you start feeling better, so you are right there.

In response to your question, you are being very reasonable.  It also seems that the worst of the withdrawal symptoms are already behind you.  The only advise I can give at this point is for you to start exercising if you are physically and medically fit to do so.  Exercise helps produce endorphins which in turn will make you feel better overall faster.

All the best!
TY very much - I have startet exercise 3 times a week and I am getting there - slowly :o)

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