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Epilepsy, Depakote and Suboxone...
Hello, I have epilepsy and am currently taking 1500mg of Depakote ER per day. Would either my condition or medication prevent me from getting treatment with Suboxone? From what I have read, I would like to try using Suboxone to treat my opiod addiction. I am just afraid I will be turned away because of my medical situation. So please let me know if you think it is possible for me to pursue this treatment. Also, in case it is relevant, I have tonic-clonic seizures with approximately 4-8 episodes per year.

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I don't think there is a problem with that combination of medication and conditions.  All opiates have the potential to cause seizures (more from intoxication than from withdrawal), but you are likely already opiate tolerant and for most people going on buprenorphine is a 'step down' the tolerance ladder.  The only other concern would be the question of liver toxicity;  as you surely know, depakote has the potential to damage the liver and there is some much smaller risk of toxicity from naloxone-- maybe, anyway.  This is more of a theoretical issue than a big concern though;  I would likely check your liver enzymes once per year or so.  I have a reputation as someone who is a fan of Suboxone treatment;  I am a fan mainly because the alternative, namely residential, step-based treatment, has a low success rate for opiates even when the person does everything right.
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