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How can I ease Vicodin withdrawal symptoms?
Been on viva since '96 for various surgergies & arthritis & fibromyalgia. I want off! I'd have to take a handful just to get some releif.  No more! It's my second day, cold turkey, & I'm miserable!!!  Anything I can do? PLEASE HELP!!!
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Opioid withdrawal stinks-- and there is not a lot you can do about it.  There is a technique using Suboxone to lessen the withdrawal, but I have not seen any studies as to whether the misery is lessened, or is just reduced in severity but lengthened in time.

Clonidine is the classic med for withdrawal, but it is no miracle-- it reduces symptoms a small amount.  Some people go into detox, but there is not much of a benefit to that approach, as they usually just put people in a bed and let them go through the process.  It just takes time.

The main thing is staying off, once the withdrawal ends.  Many people relapse as soon as they feel better.  Consider dragging yourself to a recovery group when you start to feel better-- it may save you from going through the process again (and again!).
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