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I have Anxiety/Panic Disorder
I've had Anxiety/Panic Disorder for years now I'm trying to detox from an opiate addiction and I am worried and concerned how this will affect my recovery? I do take meds for this I take Ativan .5mg three times a day. Naturally now in my 5th day of WDs from the opiates my meds don't always help. sometimes it feels like I haven't even took them. Sometimes I feel worse.
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After detoxification, or  when your brain chemistry finds its base line, you will need to see your psychiatrist so he can assess your medication levels for your anxiety.
The opiates has probably mask some of it and you will need to be reassessed. We constantly work with our patients at Domus Retreat with anxiety issues after detoxification. If its properly assessed is usually easily managed.

All the best.
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