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I think I might have mouth cancer
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I think I might have mouth cancer

Subject: I think I might have mouth cancer

Forum: The Addiction Medicine Forum

I'm scared to death that I might have mouth cancer.  I'm 19
years old and I attended boarding school for a 4 year period.
During this time I used chewing tobacco fairly consistantly
(anywhere from 1 to 4 or 5 times a day)  However I never used
smokeless tobacco in the summer.
  In the winter of my senior year I developed what appeared to be
a large pimple on the edge of my upper lip.  Although it got
smaller, it never fully went away.  I went to a doctor and he
said it had nothing to do with smokeless tobacco or cancer.  
Then in November of this year (my freshman year in college) I
noticed a few bumps or growths located in the area under my
tongue.  I don't really think they have grown at all, but they
certainly haven't gone away.  I also have developed a number of
hard bumps within my lower lip, and these bumps seems to go away
and coma back, or move around.  However, I can't say that I have
experienced any pain or even discomfort ever from any of these
problems in my mouth.  I have so many questions about what is
going on in there.  I have read that most growths in the mouth as
a result of chewing tobacco for only a few years are usually not
very dangerous.  I think I probably have dipped less than 5 times
since I graduated from high school... and that is the time frame
in which these growths have come about.  However, I have do drink
a few times a week, and I have been smoking cigarettes (usually
never more than 5 a day) for the entirety of this school year.
I am in the process of quiting cigarettes right now.  I guess
what I want to know is... What danger am I in...and how can I get
out of it.  Are cigarettes and alcohol preventing my mouth from
healing? Is it absolutely neccesary thatI see a doctor?  Because
I'd rather keep this one away from my parents.  Any advise would
be greatly appreciated.   Thanks- alex

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