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Still having super bad time
Im like 35 days clean, and Im still having some wd symptoms, but nt constant like it was at first, but if i eat I almost always get diarrhea, most nights nt sleeping too well, Im totally isolated, except for the 3 kids Im responsible for raising. I lost my job, so I dont even know hw Im going to pay the bills. I am just so overwhelmed and super depressed. I dont even want to get out of bed ever.
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It sounds like you are mentally and physically drain . Please try eating  a healthy diet with no white sugars or caffeine for at least 8 hrs before going to bed. Drink some chamomile tea at night and get some exercising early through the day. There are medications like Imodium over the counter that might help you with your diarrhea . Stay away from sodas and try eating some white rice throughout the day so you have some coating in your stomach to absorb acid.
Regarding sleep, there is an over the counter medication called ZZZZ. It help you get a full night sleep so you can have more energy in the morning.
I know things seems to be so hard right now, but make a plan and try solving one thing at a time. Things will turn around for you and your family.
May G_d Bless you.
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