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Tramadol withdrawal
Can't find out what is happening..please help if you can... I have been taking Tramadol for  four years.200 mil a day for nerve damage..One week after a mastectomy reconstruction for breast cancer I forgot to get the Tramadol refilled and on the third day started going through withdrawal with severe anxiety and panic! I started taking it again as usual the next morning but the symptoms have continued for four months! I am basically afraid to even leave my house..the Dr. has recently put me on Klonopin which has helped a little but not really enough and I don't like the idea of taking a narcotic....my question is...is it possible to continue w/d after starting the drug back after three days of not taking it??  I don't know what to do now....Please help if you can..thank you
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If you are taking Tramadol again and your symptoms have not subside, it could be that your tolerance has progressed and /or that the Tramadol was masking an anxiety issue.
You will have to work with your psychiatrist and try assessing the issue so you could have the appropriate solution.
Remember that long term Tramadol intake , usually becomes progressive. What I’m trying to say, is that if you are taking just so you do not feel withdrawal, you should start considering a detoxification . Maybe your doctor can assist you through it.
I hope you find answers and start feeling well soon.
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