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Vicodin Withdrawals
I'm on day 8 without Vicodin. I was never a heavy user. Right when I started abusing the medication, I stopped. I've only used since March of 2012.
I have widespread intense back pain. I've tried tylenol and ibuprofen and neither have helped even 2%.
I'm technically not supposed to take ibuprofen or aspirin because I have recurring chronic gastritis so all the docs said stop taking them and stick to tylenol.
I've tried hot baths, epsom salt...nothing. I've even had my partner give me a back massage but it only relieves tension for maybe 2 minutes then the pain is back to being at a 10. It's making me feel very feverish and fatigued. This pain has been non stop for 3 days now.
I have no idea what to do...Help, please. =/
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If you are at day 8 the withdrawal symptoms should have passed by now  in most cases. When you speak about feverish makes me wonder what is really going on. Do you have a family doctor that could run some tests ASAP ? Maybe a flu ? It could be so many things that could be helped with minor medical assistance. Sometimes we receive patients at Domus Retreat that are away from opiates for 2 weeks and they still don’t feel well. With minor medications and proper assessment we usually can solve the issue very fast. Please give your doctor a call.

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