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addiction of opium
hi, i want to quit consuming opium, but problem is i know how painful is quiting opium just like that.
all i want is give me,some tips toto quit opium and help me to get myself have relief from pains i have to bear after quitting
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The withdrawal’s length and severity are based on a number of different factors: your age, health and the length of time you have been using Opium, the amount of dosage you take in a day and your discomfort tolerance level.  Before you start any detoxification, consider your safety your number one priority.  If you are doing this without medical supervision, make sure that you have someone with you all throughout to call for medical assistance in case you need it.

Take into consideration your age and health.  Make sure you are hydrated, stay away from sugar, caffeine and sodas.  Try warm baths to ease muscle pain.  You can also try over-the-counter Advil PM if that is okay for you for night time.

The best way to detoxify is always with medical supervision.  Please take all of these into consideration.  Good luck!
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