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I've been seeing a pain dr for years due back&other matters.well,he has,has to quit on me due to mismanagement by hiis office.I was always good but state boad got mad.anyway,now I'm out of meds &sick as hell &in pain.I have another dr reviewing my reciords to see if he will accept me.so,so I wait and just be sick or go to Er?don't wanna be an ER frequent flyer but cant find any suboxone or other program to help.also,I have considered just quitting because its such aPITA to deal with,but what if I can't deal with pain.will another dr possibly take me back on.?
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Your safety is absolutely the issue you should be concerned the most. If you have difficulty breathing , high blood pressure and/or any heart issues, then you should not go through withdrawal without medical assistance.

If you feel that the withdrawal symptoms are too much and that you need to go to the ER, then go. Do not worry about what others think - first and foremost is your well-being.

In regards to your continuous pain, if you go into my website (just click on my name) you can search “Hyperalgesia” and you will be surprised at the side effect that taking opiates can have on your pain tolerance.

Wishing you well.
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