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continued...detox nightmare...
I'm wondering if this miserable and prolonged withdrawal might be from going cold turkeys off
some of the other meds, like the SSRI and TRI- CYCLIC antidepressants- (zoloft+doxepin), the Ambien, soma, Lyrica, xanax??

I have been to various doctors offices 5 times in 50 days, even the ER with an "electrocution"- like migraine.  CAT and MRI results negative.  Blood work shows liver function down, glucose  is high, cholesterol high, rbc low (expected because I have thalacemia minor). No doctor seems to know what's wrong, and therefore they do not know how to treat these symptoms.  Meanwhile, I'm homebound, sick, depressed, with little hope in sight that I'll ever feel better.

Any input, ideas, experiences,  suggestions, professional opinions would be extremely helpful!


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